Italy | France

This Ducati motorcycle tour through the beautiful islands of Corsica and Sardegna is a motorcyclist‘s paradise.

Bologna is the perfect start for this marvellous Ducati tour. After a mandatory visit at Ducati, we ride into the wonderful hills of Tuscany on our way to the coast.

After a relaxing cruise on the ferry, the twisty ride continues. Sardegna, a perfect mixture of mountains, rocky bays and sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and excellent roads, is our playground for the next four days. But there is more: historic towns, ancient sights, great food and excellent wines. And if the beach is too tempting for you to pass up, the rest day is a perfect chance to take a swim if you refrain from adding a few more miles.


A short ferry ride will take us to the French island of Corsica. Here the mountains are even higher, and while the roads remain a motorcyclist’s dream, you will notice little differences between France and Italy. Four days will give us enough time to thoroughly explore the hidden secrets of the island. And once again, a rest day gives you the chance to relax and take a break. A final ferry ride takes us back into Italy, where the spectacular coast, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Ferrari museum in Maranello provide a memorable finish for this Corsica-Sardegna motorcycle tour.

Tour Prices 2015

Price per person Double Room, Duo Double Room, Solo Single Room, Solo
Monster 821
Monster 1200
Multistrada 1200
*   twin, duo = sharing room, riding 2 up
**  twin, solo = sharing room , riding solo
*** single, solo = single room, riding solo



Nicholas Serio

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had on my recent Corsica-Sardegna Tour. Interacting with Edelweiss to set up the plans of the trip were very easy and although my wife and I had complicated travel plans they went off without a hitch. What can I say about my tour with Edelweiss. Being my 7th tour, there were no suprises. Pre-planning was thorough, accommodations very good to great, rest days at appropriate times and locales and excellant restaurant selections. Our guides, Alan and Axel, were outstanding from so many perspectives. Their knowledge of the areas through which we traveled and its history was outstanding. Their riding skills and their knowledge of the local roads enhanced the riding experience greatly and their ability to pick out a great coffee stop or noontime restaurant, time after time, was uncanny. Great riders, great surroundings, great guides made for a great trip. Thank you!


Nicholas Serio, United States of America