South-East Asia


Thailand | Cambodia | Laos

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure motorcycle tour in southeast Asia.

Come enjoy the jewels of southeast Asia in a way that few other tourists can. Adventure tours on large capacity bikes are rare - until now!

This motorcycle tour starts close to the bustling city of Bangkok before heading east to the Cambodian border. Once over the border you will ride through dense jungles to the World Heritage site of Angkor, with its stunning temple. Further east you meet the Mekong, one of the world’s greatest rivers. Over the next few days, the Mekong will lead you north, meandering through Laos and back into Thailand.


Your experienced guide will lead you close to the Myanmar border through winding jungles and on unpaved roads. You will see hidden temples, river dolphins and the caves of Kong Lor. The tour ends in Chiang Mai, but not before riding the road with a thousand curves. This motorcycle tour is truly a jewel in itself, come join us!

Tour Prices 2015

Price per person Double Room, Duo Double Room, Solo Single Room, Solo
Tiger 800
Tiger 800 XC
Tiger Explorer
*   twin, duo = sharing room, riding 2 up
**  twin, solo = sharing room , riding solo
*** single, solo = single room, riding solo



Jeff Kagey, customer for life, United States of America

Since my very first tour with Edelweiss Bike Travel in 2006 I have been overwhelmed with how the tours are performed. From the tour guides‘ choices of routes and vistas to see, to the selection of hotels and restaurants, to the office help‘s ability to organize the tours. I have now completed eleven different motorcycle tours. I can look back and reflect on what I have experienced around the world. Another important part of the tours is the people you get to meet from all the different corners of the world and who have now become very close friends. All of us have regrouped for several more tours since we first met. Our next reunion is going to take place in Asia this November/December. I am looking forward so much to seeing these folks again. My special thanks go to Edelweiss Bike Travel for making all this happen.


Jeff Kagey, customer for life, United States of America


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