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The story of going electric with Edelweiss Bike Travel

When I saw the range of the new zero motorcycle live at the end of 2012, I knew it was time to think outside the box. I immediately had a very tempting thought: To sweep through the Alps on silent feet, to enjoy nature with all your senses, to create stunning faces and evoke disbelief, would be really fun.

But what about the power, the reach, the driving behavior? Does it work at all? After all, you do not want to stand in the middle of Stelvio and make the coach tourists grin. There is just one answer to this: an acid test - under severe conditions! Done thinking. In May 2013 our annual office and tour guide ride was scheduled. You cannot even imagine the facial expressions of our established tour guides as they stood in awe of the brand new Zero. Incredulous, skeptical but - thank God - also curious. For three days we rode the bikes over the passes of the Alps and the Dolomites. Solo and with a passenger.


In sports and in eco mode. In sunshine and in rain. It works, and how! The best thing about the whole story, however, was seeing the grins on each of the tour guides‘ faces, even with helmets on, at the end of the tour. The decision was made. We had to do an Alps electric tour and not just any tour, but one that makes any motorcycle enthusiast‘s mouths water. The Silvretta High Alpine Road, Passo di Stelvio, Passo di Gavia, Mendelpass, the passes of the Sella Ronda and the Timmelsjoch have to be on the list, just to name a few highlights. Edelweiss goes electric - come ride with us!

Yours Rainer Buck, CEO | Edelweiss Bike Travel


Tour Prices 2015

Price per person Double Room, Duo Double Room, Solo Single Room, Solo

Alps Riding Training (minimum number: 1)


Guided City Tour (minimum number: 1)

*   twin, duo = sharing room, riding 2 up
**  twin, solo = sharing room , riding solo
*** single, solo = single room, riding solo