Join Edelweiss Bike Travel on this once-in-a-lifetime Scouting tour to Israel!

    Israel, the Holy Land, has been the center of religion, empires and tribes for many centuries. Furthermore, the country is located in a more than unique geological setting at the Mediterranean Sea, having lots of volcanic activity in the past.

    The countries diverse culture, being a great mix of Jews and Arabs, Druze and Beduins make Israel being very tempting for tourists. On this Edelweiss Scouting tour you may enjoy the nice and moderate weather as well as the hours we spend at the beach. Experience world-class nightlife as well as different, but delicious cuisine, all being part of a modern Western infrastructure.


    Along the route, you will see snow-capped mountains as well as dry desert and for sure, you will be delighted by all the wonderful routes we have chosen for that trip. All you need to do is to sign up and experience the trip of a lifetime!


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    Be the first one scouting Brazil with Edelweiss Bike Travel!

    Especially Edelweiss bikers who have toured with us for many years already do know that there is a country (among others) we have never been to before and which is high on the bucket list for every motorcyclist: Brazil!


    Surely you will have heard a lot about Brazil already, the grand city of Rio de Janeiro with its incredible carneval party, its fascinating flora and fauna and all the unknown and great riding routes. There is a lot to see and to discover in this huge country so we have decided offering two different routes, both spectacular with a once-in-a-lifetime guarantee.


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    Don’t miss this adventure – Scouting Colombia and Ecuador with Edelweiss Bike Travel!


    Colombia is a huge and fascinating country with a great network of curvy roads running through some incredibly stunning landscape. People say, it has some of the most beautiful nature to be found in South America, with mountains running high up in the sky as well as tropical valleys and dry dessert.


    Discover Colombia and Ecuador on an unforgettable 15 day motorcycle tour and enjoy a wide range of riding terrain, from well paved roads to gravel and natural surface sections. Enjoy pure nature and stunning scenery while riding along routes where hundreds of curves follow each other.


    Some of the highlights you are going to experience are the ride through coffee plantations, the famous nightlife in Medellin, the colonial villages around Villa de Leyva and much more. It will be the trip of a lifetme for you!


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    AUSTRALIA SECTION OF THE 'AROUND THE WORLD' MOTORCYCLE EXPEDITION! > Western Australia | Northern Territory | South Australia | Victoria | New South Wales



    • October 12 - November 19, 2014 (on your own motorcycle)
    • October 14 - November 15, 2014 (with a rental bike)


    The Australian segment of the Around the World motorcycle expedition can now be booked on a rental bike also. Take the chance and get yourself a seat reserved and experience Australia from West to East and North to South. Further information as well as prices can be requested at



    Thank you Toronto Star Newspaper for mentioning our worldwide motorcycle and scooter tours as a great christmas gift!


    So if you are interested in riding a motorcycle outside your home country and to explore other parts of our world have a look at our more than 70 tours and trainings worldwide! If in doubt which trip may be best for your to take please don't hesitate getting in touch with our customer service team at




    CHECK THIS OUT > Edelweiss Bike Travels ALPS EXTREME motorcycle tour just has been electing being a TOP TEN HOLIDAY GIFT over $ 1,000.


    Visit > Motorcycle Tours > Alps Extreme to learn more about this fascinating and once-in-a-lifetime 8 day motorcycle tour to some of the most stunning places to be found in the Alps. Or visit to learn more about the TOP TEN HOLIDAY GIFT LIST.



    Since more than three decades we take our motorcycle friends from all continents on journeys around the world. Many motorcyclists wonder why a tour with Edelweiss, the world market leader, is so special. As "a picture says more than 1,000 words", we have decided to produce a movie about Edelweiss and its customers.


    As we always try to combine necessities and pleasure we did take this movie about motorcycle touring in the world's number one touring regions: the Alps and the Dolomites! For this reason, at the end of June, we did take a small selected group of Edelweiss customers on a ride that shows the rest of the world what Edelweiss Bike Travel is all about.


    Besides the tour guides, Christian, Marko and Markus, a professional film team with lots of experience did accompany this group. But no participant had to worry > we did not ask the group to perform daredevil stunt performances nor did we force them to suffer through boring movie shots - the focus was on each participants experience and pleasure!





    When thumbing through the new Edelweiss touring program 2014 or when searching our website you will notice that the list of destinations to choose from is long, the list of tours run even longer and the different touring categories you can choose from just mind-blowing! Edelweiss Bike Travel tours lead the world - and you can take advantage of this vast choice!

    With our new catalogue for 2014 we once again offer the most comprehensive touring program in guided motorcycle and scooter tours the world has ever seen. Read it carefully, these tours are made for a motorcyclists soul and you may get addicted easily.

    WHAT IS NEW in the Edelweiss agenda for 2014?

    • EDELWEISS FESCHTL It‘s the best opportunity to meet with the Edelweiss team and customers from all over the world. Don‘t miss this opportunity!
    • ALPINE BACKROADS - ZERO EMISSION Edelweiss Bike Travel is finally offering 2 exclusive Alpine tours on Zero motorcycles only!
    • ALPS RIDING ACADEMY Did you ever dream of tuning your riding skills to a motorcycle dream environment like the Alps? Then book our Alps Riding Academy training!
    • CROSS THE ALPS TOUR If you ever wanted to see the Alps on something different than a motorcycle then this electric mountain bike tour is right for you!
    • CROATIA BY SCOOTER Discover the hidden treasures of Croatia on a fantastic scooter tour and enjoy this new kind of touring on two wheels!
    • CALIFORNIAN DREAM This new tour in the Golden State of California is made for those wanting to see the states from the saddle of a Ducati!
    • COLORADO ADVENTURE Want to try your hand at adventure backroad touring and see some hidden corners of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah? Then this tour is for you!
    • VIVA LAS VEGAS Experience a fantastic motorcycle tour including several days in Las Vegas in the southwest of the USA.
    • ROYAL MOROCCO DREAM Let your Arabian dreams come true on this fascinating and high end motorcycle vacation in Morocco.
    • ADVENTURE MYAN MAR So far only few westeners have entered Myanmar, the former Republic of Burma - come with us and become one of those few!


    ORDER NOW YOUR FREE COPY by filling out the catalogue request form on the websites footer or by letting us know at

  • Ultimate USA - now available on BMW motorcycles

    Ultimate USA - now available on BMW motorcycles

    Tour date: May 18 - June 08, 2013


    Now available are the BMW R 1200 GS and BMW R 1200 RT in addition to a selection of Harley-Davidson motorcylces. So come with us and experience the USA from East to West on our Ultimate USA motorcycle tour.

  • Edelweiss Feschtl 2013

    Edelweiss Feschtl 2013

    SEPTEMBER 27 - 29, 2013

    Name it biker meeting, reunion ride or get together, it‘s all that and much more – it‘s our Edelweiss Feschtl!


    Fall is coming and, while many riders worldwide are winter proofing their bikes, we are getting together again for an unforgettable ride. Come along and join us for our annual “Edelweiss Feschtl” at Sequoia National Park! The area around Sequoia National Park is great for motorcycling. We will enjoy fantastic scenery and incredible routes – what else increases a motorcyclist’s hear rate? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Sequoia before or not – you will always enjoy the magic of this place. Of course, you have to get to know the “General Sherman Tree”, the biggest tree in the world. We will spend two nights near the park in our hotel with excellent amenities.


    If you’ve already toured with Edelweiss Bike Travel, you’ll likely enjoy a reunion with some of your tour buddies. And, even if you’ve yet to travel with the world’s #1 motorcycle touring company, this event provides a great opportunity to visit with our Edelweiss team, learn about our touring programs and services, and get answers to any questions you may have.


    For our Edelweiss Feschtl there is a limited number of tickets available. Call or e-mail us now to get your ticket in advance!

  • AROUND THE WORLD - motorcycle expedition

    AROUND THE WORLD - motorcycle expedition

    This motorcycle tour meanders through six continents in one go and gives all participants the opportunity to discover our planet step by step. In spite of this being a gigantic undertaking it is a dream that is the ultimate for every motorcycle touring enthusiast.


    If you don’t have the time to be part of the whole tour you can also book sections only. For seeing the detailed information of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure please click on MOTORCYCLE EXPEDITIONS. If you are interested in the adventures of the first worldtour you can visit our new blog at



    As an addition to our brand-new blog and facebook fanpage we now offer you a wide number of online opportunity to share your tour experience with Edelweiss friends worldwide. Post your tour pictures on FlickR or use our new YouTube site to share your videos with others.


    If you want to share your own files with current or future Edelweissers just upload them with the ID of your tour. If you are not sure which ID has to be used please get in touch with our Edelweiss headquarters - we are pleased to help.


    Example: Best of Europe, June 19 - 27, 2010 has the tour ID = BOE1001

    BOE = for the tour name Best Of Europe

    10 = for the year of operation, 2010

    01 = this was the first Best of Europe tour in 2010

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