Choosing the right tour for you

Dear friends: We’ve been providing you with the finest choices in motorcycle and scooter touring around the globe since 1980. Since our company’s inception, we’ve increased the variety of experiences available, making Edelweiss the undisputed leader in guided motorcycle tours the world over.


Never before have there been so many different opportunities to be a world traveller. You can join our Around the World motorcycle expedition and circumnavigate the globe in a single stretch. You can choose to explore planet Earth, continent by continent, by doing sections only. Or you may decide to add pieces to your personal world tour puzzle by taking several Edelweiss tours over the years. Whatever your approach may be, we offer excellent choices for everyone!


And it’s not only the vast array of countries we enable you to explore, we also provide you with the latest and most-desired motorcycles. The hotels, chalets and resorts we stay in are carefully selected to suit our clientele and Edelweiss tour guides are famous for their expertise, helpfulness and friendliness.


So with our more than 30 years of experience we are providing motorcycle and scooter travelling at its best!




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