Adventure North Cape


Norway | Finland

Cross the Artic Circle and enjoy a motorcycle tour to Europe‘s most northern point, the North Cape.

Fjords, mountains, glaciers, midnight sun, the Arctic Circle, North Cape – keywords for our motorcycle tour ”Adventure North Cape”! Starting out in Ålesund, we mostly follow the coastline, accompanied by fjords, to Åndalsnes, a small town close to famous Trollstigen.

Day two takes us to the gate of northern Norway to Trondheim, a town rich in history. Laid back roads along endless lakes take us to Overhalla! Most of day four we cruise along the coastline, interrupted only by wonderfully relaxing ferry rides on our way to Sandnessjoen. Taking off in the morning we ride inland. After a while, the scenery gets more vast and barren, tundra vegetation replaces forests, and all of a sudden there it is – the Arctic Circle. Great riding and more beautiful and varied views make up day eight on our way to Storslett, one of the center points here in the north.


Then a short ride brings us to Alta to give you time either for the Tirpitz Museum, or the ancient work of arts, called “geoglyphs.” After an early start, a long haul takes us to our most important destination, the North Cape. We may have to fight the wind blowing across the barren grounds covered with wind torn vegetation, but we conquer the most northern point of Europe! Crossing the border into Finland, endless forests and numerous lakes accompany us to the town of Karesuando directly at the Swedish-Finnish border. On our last riding day, we head back to the Norwegian coast. Charming Tromsø, one of the main centers up north of Norway, hosts us for our farewell evening.




Tour Prices

Price per person Double Room, Duo Double Room, Solo Single Room, Solo
G 650 GS
NC 700 S
Versys 650
V-Strom 650
F 700 GS
F 800 GS
F 800 R
Versys 1000
R 1200 R
R 1200 GS
R 1200 RT
*   twin, duo = sharing room, riding 2 up
**  twin, solo = sharing room , riding solo
*** single, solo = single room, riding solo




Scott Keimig
Riding Norway's BLOOD ROAD - Across the Arctic Circle

Scott Keimig participated on the Scouting Tour North Cape and published a travel story in the American motorcycle magazine BMW Owners News, in April 2011.