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WORLD TOUR: Bogota - Punta Arenas 1BP

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Brazil   |  Chile   |  Colombia   |  Ecuador   |  Panama   |  Peru   |  Uruguay

Tango, Asado, Wine – Christmas at home and summer in Buenos Aires. The start of our second South America Section.

Our first day on the road includes our first border crossing as we pass into Uruguay and seemingly another era. The country feels like an historical museum as we head towards the 5th largest nation on Earth, Brasil. Hugging the Atlantic Coast we head for the fantastic beaches of Florianopolis.

Heading north we will pass through Blumenau, cross the tropic of Capricorn before finally witnessing the famous Sugarloaf Mountain rising above our handle bars. Ipanema and Copacabana await! Riding through Sao Paulo and Paraná we head for the border triangle of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Known as the Iguazu, this area is home to some of the most beautiful and magical waterfalls on the planet. From here on our route takes us across the north of Argentina and towards the town of Salta, where we will meet the longest mountain range on Earth, the Andes.

Heading towards La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, we will pass through the driest region on our planet, the Atacama dessert. Our route continues to amaze as we ride the indescribable Ruta de la Muerta and over the Altiplano towards Lake Titicaca, a ride that promises endless turns with truly magnificent scenery.

The border crossing into Peru marks the beginning of a near seamless stream of highlights: Los Uros, the Floating Islands, the old Incan capital of Cuzco and the ruins of Machu Picchu. We ride through the Andes on one of the best motorcycle roads on Earth as we make our way to Nazca, then on past the dunes of Ica before finally arriving in Lima. After sampling the best ceviche in South America we follow the Pacific heading north before diving into the Ecuadorian jungle on our route to Colombia. We are traveling on the Panamericana – a name full of emotions and dreams. The longest road on Earth, we will tackle about 4,000km of its 26,000km length before turning off at Medellin and head for Cartagena, where we will board the ferry to take us to Panama.

At a glance


  • Buenos Aires / Panama City


  • 80 days expedition including
  • 51 riding days and 9,600 miles / 15.400 km
  • 18 rest days including riding possibilities
  • 3 days on ferry, 5 days in Buenos Aires and 3 days in Panama City


  • Rio de Janeiro, with its Sugarloaf, the Copacabana and pulsating nightlife
  • Iguazu – Spectacular waterfall between three borders
  • Atacama, a desert as high as it is dry
  • Lake Titicaca & visit the floating reed islands of Uros (Bolivia).
  • The ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Option to fly over the Nasca Lines (Peru).
  • Crossing the Equator, north of Quito (Ecuador).


  • Tackling the chaos of latino city traffic (everywhere!).
  • Coping with high altitudes in Bolivia & Peru (up to 4,800m).
  • Very twisty, partially unpaved mountain roads in the Andes

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Buenos Aires to Bogota

Olá meus amigos! Words can’t do justice to what I experienced on my section of the ”Around the World“ motorcycle tour. The feelings going along with such a journey, the organization, logistics and challenges and of course all the new friends – it’s just amazing! Having started and ended this trip are major way points in my life! Don’t think that you‘ll get rid of me! I‘m ready taking part in the next expedition! Greetings from Sao Paulo!

Miguel Russo, Brazil

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19.12. - 08.03.2017
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02.01. - 15.03.2018
Bogota - Punta Arenas
Riding hours per day:
7 to 9 h 
Route grading:
Expedition van
Remote areas
High altitude
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