NORWAY Touring Center NTC2402

NORWEGEN Tourenzentrum NTC2402

06 Jul 2024
Norway... a country full of nature, waterfalls, bridges and ferries. A country with happy sheep, red houses, brown cheese, little Trolls and majestic mountains. It gives you the chance to find back to yourself in a world that spins faster and faster. To calm down and enjoy the moment. And we are happy to share our adventure with our friends and families and everyone out there who´s interested to visit Norway themselves! Welcome to our blog! Five wonderful riding days are waiting for us! We will visit the bird island Runde, enjoy the Atlantic Road, take the ferry through Geiranger fjord, try delicious cinnamon rolls and drink some delightful Norwegian coffee. They say Norwegens drink more coffee than water. Is that true? And during all our adventure, the days seem to never end. It's half past 11pm and still light outside. Never the less, time to go to bed and refill the batteries for our first day tomorrow! See you soon! Joy