Mediterranean Als Extreme 4Sa 1702

4SA 1702

20 Mai 2017
/Michael Göbel
Day 8 Finale - Vence  What a fabulous last riding day. Only a little rain, but sunny most of the time. All kinds of roads from highway to goat trail, romantic villages like Zuccarello and Peille. Now we have to say good bye to great riding buddies and friends. Tears.......  Day 7 Rapallo - Finale  The first day with some rain, but still a great riding day. The biggest challenge was the fog in the Mountain, zero visibility.  The group managed it and we had a sunny afternoon with some good Riding. Day 6 Restday Rapallo  Lisa went for a hike along Cinque Terre and the rest of the group were lazy and went on the bike.  But it was not too much rest for the riders,  because there were quite a few curves to ride. Everybody had a good t  time.  Day 5 Vicoforte - Rapallo  Beautiful scenery in the morning through the Piemont wine region,  spectacular riding in the afternoon. Our hotel in Rapallo is right at the beach.    Day 4 Valberg - Vicoforte  Today was the day of the passes. Col de Turini was a blast and we even got up the old Passo di Tende. Propabely the most challenging paved roads in the Alps What a fun day! Day 3 Restday Valberg  Well you know our girls and boys, they did not want to rest. So we went for a ride on several goat pathes in great scenery.  Day 2 Riding day Vence-Valberg A wonderful ride through 3 Canyons, a good warm up with a lot of curves.    Day 1 Everybody arrived Safe in Vence and is excited to Start.