TTE1801 - Spring on the Canary Islands

TTE1801 - Frühling auf den Kanarischen Inseln

03 Feb 2018
/Peter Kuhn
Day 5 - Teneriffa in all directions Day 4 - Gran Canaria 2 a little bit of every thing Day 3 - Gran Canaria unusual green Day 2 - La Gomera the green paradise La Gomera is only the second smallest of the Canary Islands but in its diversity it is at the forefront. Deep ravines, green plateaus, small traditional villages, black sand beaches, always green rainforest and above all unbelievable roads. After the ferry ride, it's up empty, winding roads in the laurel forest that brings us in green tunnel on the rugged north side of the island. We enjoy a coffee in a 600 m high glass balcony which allows us a fantastic view of the coast. We cross the mountain in the laurel forest again and enjoy wonderful fish on the beach of Valle Gran Rey. All would like to stay here but still a great Afternoon round on the south side of the island and our ferry with which it goes back to Tenerife is waiting. Day 1 - Teide and his natural forces El Teide is impressive for its size and landscape. Today we were also able to experience his power over the weather on the island. Warm sunshine accompanied our climb through the vineyards and pine forests of the mountain. The Roques Garcias offered a stunning view over the volcanic landscape when suddenly a snow front turned the corner. After the coffee, it was due to closed road in the snow driving down the southern slopes until we were again in the pleasant coastal climate. Thanks to the many good mountain roads at the foot of the island we could enjoy the rest of the day in bright sunshine.