Season Opener: Morocco Tour 2018

Die Saison ist eröffnet - Marokko Tour 2018

19 Mär 2018
/Mirko Heilhecker
/Lukas Schiebe
Day1: Malaga - Ceuta   Day2: Ceuta (Spanish enclave in Africa) - Chefchaouèn Marocco     DAY 3: Back to the coast, this time the atlantic Day 4: From Rabat to Marrakech  Day 5: "rest day in Marrakech"  Day 6: Over the Atlas mountains  Day 7: To Gorges du Dades  Day 8 and 9: To Merzouga and into the desert Day 10: Back to the north and again over the Atlas mountains  Day 11: Restday or more the day of shopping in Fes  Day 12: Fes to Chefchaouen  Day 13: last day of the tour back to Malaga