6TG1801 Tourguide Training Tour 2018

6TG1801 Modultour 2018

21 Apr 2018
/Julian Fischer
/Anthony Fairweather
/Christopher Weaver
/Dieter Arnoth
Day 5: Levico to Bolzano Another beautiful day dawns as we leave sunny Levico and head back to Bolzano. Along the route we find fantastic passes, great scenery and plenty of "tricks" prepared by the instructors. Day 4: Bolzano to Levico Our first stop this day at the Kasererbild ! Having a great time at Passo di Lavaze.  Celebrating Stephan's 50th birthday  Day 3: Levico to Bolzano Our day starts with a lovely morning leaving Levico as we head up into the mountains. A lovely coffee stop at the old castle Toblino is followed by an excellent picnic with a fantastic view over the Adige Valley, then a blast over Mendel Pass towards Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. Great view on a great day  Reason of the delayed picnic!!!  The tourguide with a friendly looking policeman almost at the end of the day Beautiful view from the mendelpass with bozen in the valley and the dolomites in the background Tourguide fixes the bike with a smile on his face Highlight of the day! St. Romedius The daily briefing in the morning before we start the engines The whole gang Day 2: First Ride Bolzano to Levico Day 1: Transport to Bozen, let Hell Week begin!