Eastern European Delights - a brand new tour is rolling out

Traumstraßen des Ostens - eine brandneue Tour startet durch

08 Jul 2018
/Thomas Ritt
/James Ashton
Day 13 - Admont to Vienna The last day of this first-ever Eastern European Tour brough not only a very special experience in the iron ore mine of Eisenerz, but also some sunshine and even dry roads. And the roads were simply amazing. Just like the picnic. And everything else. Thanks everybody for coming on this tour. We had a blast! Hope to see you again soon!   Day 12 - Maribor to Admont We crossed the border back into Austria today, and it greeted us with magnificent roads, and a magnificent amount of rain! Seriously, it rained ALL day. But we didn't let it hold us back - we smashed out over 300kms in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. One more day to go, and the forecast looks good. Bring it on!  Day 11 - Pecs to Maribor Another day, and another border - 2 in fact! We left Hungary and made our way to Croatia, where we stopped for lunch in the old city of Varazdin. And then it was off to the border again and into Slovenia. Not the most thrilling riding roads, but great to see into the lives of people from yet another country Day 10: Timisoara to Pecs, Hungary Hungary is flat as a pancake so the riding today was rather uneventful. Bumps and potholes kept us awake until we reached the Danube and we crossed it - of course! - by ferry. In Mohacs we disappointed our waiter by ordering soups and salads instead of massive Hungarian meat dishes and learned that a Ducati Scrambler can do 265 kms before running out of gas. Just a short while later we arrived in Pecs, at 3 in the afternoon (!), so everybody had enough time for beer. Uhm, sightseeing of course. Sightseeing! Day 09 - Sibiu to Timisoara Another super long riding day today - 400kms through the Carpathian Mountains on the not-so-famous but oh-so-good Transalpina. No time for many photos because we were too busy twisting the wrist! Day 8: "Rest"day Sibiu Today we took a rest. Rode a 400 km loop across the Carpathian Mountains on the famous Transfăgărășan road and went to see what everybody thinks is Dracula's castle. Not a relaxing day but an awesome one!   Day 07 - Satu Mare to Sibiu Day 05 - Kosice to Satu Mare Day 04 - Krakow, Poland to Košice, Slovakia Two days ago we already set foot on Slovakian soil but today we're here for the night. After crossing the border from Poland everybody noticed how strikiingly different Slovakia is: towns, people, traffic - is was all gone. The scenery was still there, though; forested hills and mountains, pieceful valleys, picturesque villages. A quick picture, comfort and coffee stop in Bardejov, then we were off to Košice. And what a pretty town that is! Day 03 - Krakow Our first rest day of the tour, and we all actually took a rest from the motorcycles! Some visited Auschwitz, whilst others enjoyed the day off and took in all that Krakow had to offer. In the end, another enriching day on the road Day 02 - Brno to Krakow We had a little bit of everything today - autobahns, country roads, towns, twisty roads, sunshine and a good measure of rain! But we did it all with a smile on our faces and rolled into Krakow just in time for dinner. Thankfully we have a rest day tomorrow so we can dry out those boots and give our backsides a short rest before the journey continues further east! Day 01 - Vienna to Brno Sunshine and the Blue Danube escorted us out of Vienna. We reached the wine-growing region named Wachau, crossed the river by ferry and headed up into the hills. Beautiful twisty and mostly deserted roads took us all the way to the Czech border. Shortly afterwards we got cought by a rainstorm but by the time we reached Brno and our downtown hotel the sun was back. Just in time for the boot beer session. Czech beer is awesome! A few hours earlier: Day 0: A private guided VIP-tour through Vienna