Kings and Castles Tour - Round two in 2018 (CKC1802)

Burgen und Schlösser Tour - Runde zwei im Jahr 2018 (CKC1802)

27 Aug 2018
/Peter Rollmann
/James Ashton
Day 13 - Budapest to Vienna Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, and today was our last riding day of the tour. But not without it's highlights. We first visited the Esztegom Basilica, Hungary's most significant church and then had a fantastic picnic at the site of the Pan-European Picnic on the Austrian-Hungarian border. It was here that thousands of East German citizens crossed over the Iron Curtain into the West, an event that contributed to the end of the communist era in Europe Day 12 - A Rest Day in Budapest Our last rest day for the tour in the fantastic city of Budapest. Budapest is spread out over a huge area so we took advantage of the Hop On Hop Off bus! Day 11 - Rajecké Teplice to Budapest Day 10 - Kraków to Rajecké Teplice Day 09 - A rest day in Kraków A rest day provided us with a great chance to explore this fantastic city by foot. So we hit the pavement and had a beautiful morning exploring this great city! Day 08 - Stary Jicin to Kraków Day 07 - Lázně Bělohrad to Stary Jicin Day 06 - Dresden to Lázně Bělohrad Day 05 - A Rest Day in Dresden Day 04 - Prague to Dresden Day 03 - A Rest Day in Prague Day 02 - Budweiss to Prague Day 01 - Vienna to Budweiss Welcome Breifing