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Beiträge von Pablo Piferrer

Back in time, Cuba!!

17. Juni 2020

I'd like to take this caption to thank Javier, whose help is invaluable in these tours and whom, as you know, is a brother to me. Pictures are both from him and myself.

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CCC1902 Christopher Columbus Tour

23. Oktober 2019

Once more a riding season in the northern hemisphere of the globe is coming to an end. But, of course, this doesn't mean that you can't continue riding a motorcycle, right A group of riders from the USA, a German couple, and a couple from New ...

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Iceland: Fire & Ice

17. August 2019

Last minute adjustment 30km after Rejkjavik

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3FL1902 Iceland: Fire and Ice #2

10. August 2019

crossing between kontinents,

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Unpaved Tuscany UPT1901

4. Juni 2019

Welcome to the first of its kind in Italy, the Unpaved Tuscany tour is about to start and we are all ready to ride, learn and enjoy, because after all, it's what we love doing.    The guys are full of energy and ready for ...

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Classic Cuba (CKU1903)

17. April 2019

We've been pretty lucky with the weather and the group has been magnificent, friendly and welcoming. We've laughed and enjoyed a pretty damn good 10 days! Thank you

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APA Adventure Patagonia

18. Februar 2019

Paying attention to he safety briefing, is as important as paying attention on the road

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MCT1802 Best Rides in Morocco

7. November 2018

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Rome to Sicily or 罗马到西西里岛

24. Oktober 2018

Pablo, Kim amd Michaela We say thank you for the great time with you

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CEE 1803 - Eastern Europe Delights

25. August 2018

Thomas ans Thomas enjoying a view of the beautiful St. Steven's Cathedral

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The Viking Experience - CVE1801

8. Juli 2018

Oslo - Vrådal A new Viking adventure begins, and our fearsome warriors make their way to the west, from the picturesque city of the 1952 winter Olympics, Oslo, to the small town of Vrådal.

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Touring Istria, Croatia by scooter!

5. Juli 2018

Lori, Debbie, Norine, Jim, Jill, Diane Phil, Mike, Tony, Pablo, Jeann, Vicki

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Seiwald Family Scooter Holiday in Croatia!!

4. Juli 2018

Welcome to sunny Opatija! A little town in the Croatian coast, in the Kvarner gulf. Just across from our hotel, we can see the city of Rijeka and the Islands of Cres and Krk. The views from the hotel are absolutely outstanding! Over the next 5 days we will ...

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Mystery tour 2018!

29. Juni 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Mystery tour!

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