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Beiträge von William Wilde

SPT23011 Extended Touring Centre Austria

31. Mai 2023

So here we are in beautiful Carinthia, the southernmost state of Austria. It seems we have some luck on our side as for the past weeks it has done nothing but rain, rain, rain. Today  it's somewhat overcast, but the coming week is looking much more promising, ...

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Marokko Tour

29. April 2023

Colors of Morocco

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Adventure Patagonia APA2301

25. Februar 2023

There is still some interesting and original architecture here, but much was destroyed in the 1960 earthquake.

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Christopher Columbus Tour

19. Oktober 2022

Welcome to the second version of the Christopher Columbus Tour of 2022.The bikes are outside and more or less ready to go. Peter and Barbara have decided to take a guided city tour of Malaga so off we go. Its is very quiet as we arrive into ...

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Andalusia tour

8. Oktober 2022

Welcome to the second Andalusia tour of 2022.  on the arrival day we took off to downtown Malaga with Bob and Stacey and their niece Bonnie for a city tour in this beautiful city Strolling along the beautiful park along the harbourside , up to the ...

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Isle of Man and Scotland tour CGB2201

11. September 2022

So all the tour group members have arrived in Liverpool and we are enjoying the sunshine and hoping that the indian summer continues for at least the next 11 days!! The weather is really great currently and another plus is that the school holidays end this week ...

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CIR2201 The emerald island - Ireland

3. September 2022

Looking foreward! Let's see if we can check off all the highlights!

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23. Juli 2022

Fast alle sind angekommen, aber wie es im Moment üblich zu sein scheint, fehlt etwas Gepäck. Einige der Jungs gingen zu einem örtlichen Motorradladen, um zu sehen, was sie dort an Motorradkleidung kaufen können. Joe ist in Schottland und kommt mit einem späteren Flug an, aber ...

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7. Juli 2022

Everyone has arrived and fortunately for us everyone also has their luggage!! The bikes have also arrived, have been unloaded and are safely tucked up in the garage for the night. This is a good thing as the weather has turned and it has been raining. But ...

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Best of Greece

13. Juni 2022

Meteora. One of the most iconic sites of the hellenistic mainland.

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BOG 2102 - Griechenlands schönste Straßen

11. November 2021

Ready to go from Austria ...

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Best Of Europe (BOE2104)

2. September 2021

Cow riding at the Rheinfall in Switzerland

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High Alpine Tour (HAT2104)

17. August 2021

We are back in the business of Touring again - and it feels GREAT! Dominik and I looking forward so much to leading this tour and showing our guests around the marvellous Alps, riding through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, with a lightning visit to Liechtenstein thrown ...

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RTS 190A Rome to Sicily

24. Oktober 2019

Day 9: Agrigento to Catania

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