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ABA1902 Abenteuer Balkan

6. September 2020

Thanks everybody for this amazing 2 weeks. Stay hungry, stay foolish, follow your heart, don't settle.  We hope to see you again Holger and Ursula

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Best of Italy - the new one

17. Juni 2019

Day 9: Pienza - Rome

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ATS1901 - Andalusien Tour

25. April 2019

We had a fantastic week and a wonderful group. We hope to see you all again somewhere on this planet. Safe travels and thanks for everything Ursula, Claudia and Dieter

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CCC1901 - Flamenco and port wine - The Christopher Columbus Tour

6. April 2019

9. Day: Cordoba - Malaga

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SPT18111 Mr. and Mrs Frist in Bella Italia

24. Oktober 2018

Day 11: Cooking Class in Villa Pitiana with the chef Mario Perone

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Toskana Tour - BIT1803 - Final Edition

22. September 2018

Day 8: San Marino - Florenz

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CPO1802 Paris to the Atlantikwall and the D-Day Beaches

27. August 2018

Great tour, great people. Thanks a lot it was a pleasure guiding you Ursula and Tony

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BOE1804 - Best of Europe

4. August 2018

Everybody back safely in Erding. Thank you guys for a wonderful week. It was a pleasure guiding you. Hope we met your expectations and hopefully we will see each other again. Safe travels and all the best Ursula, David and ...

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HAT1803 - The High Alpine Tour

22. Juli 2018

What a wonderful week! Thanks for everything. Hope to see you guys again. And as Jared would have said -  It didn`t suck All the best Gottfried and Ursula

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BOE1803 - Best of Europe

15. Juli 2018

What a great group of people! Thank you all for a wonderful week. It is much more out there. We hope to seeing you again. Safe travels, all the best Ursula, Tom and Björn

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HAT1802 The High Alpine Tour

1. Juli 2018

Day 7: Warth - Erding Time to go back home! But the last riding day was also a very nice one, great weather and beautiful landscapes going down from Warth into Germany. After a nice lunch break at the Starnberg lake, we were then finally ready ...

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Morocco, the perfect early spring tour ! (MCT 1801)

8. Mai 2018

A big thank you to a fantastic group and 2 wonderful weeks. Hope to see again Ted, Ursula and Pierre

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NSZ1801 New Zealand - summer in paradise

29. Januar 2018

Sadly the tour is over for many of us (some will be on the north island extention), but we had great time during the last two weeks. Great weather, great fun, but most important a great atmosphere created by an incredible group of people!  Thank ...

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CNS1702 - New Zealand - North Island Extension

1. Dezember 2017


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