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Fahrt ins Blaue 2024 (RAS2401)

14. April 2024

Welcome to our Mystery Ride 2024! And welcome to our guests Gaby, Eva and Johannes, Gerda and Stefan from Austria, Emmanuelle and Philippe from Belgium, Georgia and Peter from the US, Ricardo and Mauricio from Chile, Thorsten, ...

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4CI2403 - Die atlantischen Berge im Frühling

21. März 2024

The Bikergang with the Orotava valley

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Atlantic Mountains Extreme - 4CI240A

10. Februar 2024

After yesterdays welcome briefing on Tenerife at the Costa Adeje we had an early morning start in order to catch the ferry to beautiful La Gomera. Here we just arrived and ready to ride the rollercoaster!

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Authentic Cuba - 4CB2305

13. November 2023

Welcome to the Authentic Cuba tour and welcome to our guests Alice and Tony, Bernd, Bernd and Daniel! Cuba, really authentic I have to admit , interesting with beautiful charme and lovely people! And so our guests on this adventure through Cuba!

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Worldtour // Africa: Cape Town - Mombasa

14. Juni 2023

Welcome to Cape Town, our tourstart for the Africa leg of our Edelweiss Wordltour! The team members: Wolfgang and his son Alex, Steffen, Natali and Marc, Michael and Martin, Jaco and Holger. Some of the names sound familiar? That's correct, Martin, Michael, Natali and Marc had been ...

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Welttour // Nord- & Zentralamerika: Los Angeles - Panama City

12. Februar 2023

Here we are! Pablo and myself (Holger) welcoming Dan from Canada, Thies, Michael, Martin, Natali and Marc from Germany! Welcome to the Central America leg of our Edelweiss World Tour! The next 40 days we will complete a loop in the Californian outback and cross ...

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Vietnam Extreme (4VE2202)

5. November 2022

Guess, where we are

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme 4SA2203

8. Oktober 2022

Our first riding day brought us to to the Grand Canyon du Verdon - amazing views! Here at the Balcon du Mescla

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Best of Southern France - RNN220A

28. September 2022

Judith and Brad, Goldie and Kent, Andrea and Claude, welcome to our Best of Southern France Tour! The next ten days we will tour the Provence, the Massif Central, les Cevennes, the Ardeche, le Vercors and the Route de Grand Alpes!

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Adventure Atacama - AAP2202

9. August 2022

After our yesterdays welcome briefing we are on the road this morning. From the right Peter, Jochen, Alexander and Marcel. Welcome on this adventure tour through the Atacama desert, the most driest place on earth!

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Explore the Atacama Desert with Dainese - AAP2201

30. Juli 2022

Our international guests arrived safely in Salta, en el norte de Argentina! This tour was set up in cooperation with Dainese and our motto for the next 10 days is: Explore the Atacama Desert with Dainese! Let me introduce our team: Vittoria, ...

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UPT2202: Enduro-Wandern Toskana

4. Juni 2022

"Go play in the woods", they said. "It will be fun", they said. They were right!

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme (4SA2201)

27. Mai 2022

Col de la Bonette, 2802 m high

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Southern Spain Extreme (4AN2102)

30. Oktober 2021

We like extreme!

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