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Beiträge von Christoph Haidinger

HAT230B - High Alpine Tour with our friends from South Korea

9. Juni 2023

Finally, the long desired High Alpine Tour - we are all looking forward to the mountain passes, the curves, some funny german dialects and good food. Starting in Erding we will go down through the Grossglockner High Alpine Road to Lienz. From there to our Rest day ...

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Rome to Sicily!

14. Mai 2023

Y allá bamos! Today we expect a group motorcycle riders from Argentina and we are very pleased to do this beautiful tour from Rome to Sicily with them! The bikes are prepared and ready to roll again. ! We will have anwelcome briefing as soon as ...

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CBS2102 St. James Way: Tapas, Peaks, and Turns

10. Oktober 2021

What a great pleasure to be back in Spain, Madrid to start another tour along the St. James pilgrimage path. With Alcala de Henares near Madrid being our start and finish of the tour, we will travel the northern part of Spain all the way from the Pyrenees in ...

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Alpen und Seen 2021

7. August 2021

A very beautiful Alps and Lakes tour. We had nice weather, some rain, fog and mist, surprises and were at some of the nicest sightseeing spots around. It was an awesome group riding together: Chris, Bryan and Kowi, we are looking forward seeing you again! Wir ...

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