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Beiträge von Pierre Baumgärtner

Southern Spain Extreme (Fall 2019)

5. November 2019

Art, Tom Matt, Dave, Charlie, Kees, Frank and Jörg all former extreme riders have decided to finish the season in riding the Souther Spain extreme Tour. What a good choice boys the weather and the road conditions will be perfect and we are going to ride thousands ...

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CCC1902 Christopher Columbus Tour

23. Oktober 2019

Once more a riding season in the northern hemisphere of the globe is coming to an end. But, of course, this doesn't mean that you can't continue riding a motorcycle, right A group of riders from the USA, a German couple, and a couple from New ...

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Fantatstic Andalusia Tour ATS 1902

10. Oktober 2019

All our guests arrived safely. This time we do have guests from the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Venezuela and Switzerland… quite interesting and promising mixture...

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Touring Center Alps ( SPT 19095)

4. Oktober 2019

Lee and his friends ( Andrew, Stevie, Matt & Mathew and Ed) , decided to make some nice rounds around the Alps before they will go to the Octoberfest in Munich.... We had fabulous weather so have a look at the customized special tour.

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St. James Way (incl.Vino, Tapas, Peaks & Turns)

30. September 2019

 St. James Way (Tapas, Peaks & Turns) follows the pilgrem's path through north eastern Spain to the legendary city of Santiago de Campostela (the burial place of the Apostle Jacob). "El camino" (the way) is actually a vast network of walking trails throughout all of Europe which converge in ...

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Spain / Andorre / France

22. September 2019

10 fearless riders from the U.S,. Canada and Brazil have come together to conquer the beautiful endless numbers of curves through the Pyrenees. We will ride through Spain Andorre and France, welcome to join our  journey on the blog

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Eastern Europe Delights (CEE 1901)

4. Juli 2019

Here we are again  starting the next Adventure through eastern Europe. During our Journey we will ride through 6 countires with about 3500 km,  from Austria through Czech Repubic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Our Group is a mix of U.S. folks, Australia, Switzerland, UK, So lets goooo ...

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Pyrenees The Classic & Only One ( PYT 1901)

21. Juni 2019

Riders Heaven !!!!!

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Best of Andalusia - Special Tour (SPT 19033)

7. Juni 2019

A very special Tour will start this week with a group of Korean friends .  We are riding through the southern part of Andalucia. Starting from Malaga we will go to Ronda then further to Jerez de la Frontera. From there we will be continuing our ...

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SPT 19063 Alps & Lakes Extended Special Tour

15. Mai 2019


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Morocco Tour Spring 2019 ( MCT 1901)

1. Mai 2019

Beautiful weather to load the bikes in Mieming / Tirol to start the season

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Southern Spain Extreme ( Spring Version)

23. April 2019

Sierra de los Filabres

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Colorful Morocco "The Harley way to discover the Orient"

30. Oktober 2018

Here we are for the most excitng Tour of the year for all of us. We all will ride with Harleys Davisdsons for the next 2 weeks through Spain and Morocco and will see nice oriental cities, wil pass the Atlas Mountain and we will step our ...

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Pyrenees Classic Tour 1802

22. September 2018

Jeanette & John and Carmela and Peter from the U.S.  decided to take the City Tour through Barcelona --- Good Choice ... the day is filled with extraordinary Architechture, good Tapas and Wine and of course  to absorb the lively city with its medeterian flair.

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