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Beiträge von Ramon Christ

„Ultimate Alps“ CUA2204

5. Oktober 2022

Restday-Round! Four Passes on Restday in the Dolomites, Heart what do you need more!

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Best of Europe

2. August 2022

Next Day was our last riding Day! We stoped for Coffee by the Lake "Plansee" not far to the Castle "Linderhof" - one of "King Ludwigs" (the fairy tale King of Bavaria) Castles! The Tour ended - with another stopover - in the "Biergarden" of the Aying-Brewery! ...

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Alps Touring Center

28. Juni 2022

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Alpen und Seen 2021

7. August 2021

A very beautiful Alps and Lakes tour. We had nice weather, some rain, fog and mist, surprises and were at some of the nicest sightseeing spots around. It was an awesome group riding together: Chris, Bryan and Kowi, we are looking forward seeing you again! Wir ...

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CUA1904 The Ultimate Alps in late September

27. September 2019

Some like it hot - and some like it cooler The temperatures in the Alps these days are telling you that the 2019 summer season is about to end. But still there are some nice rides possible on the motorcycle. And so we started the first ...

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CEE1902 Eastern European Delights

25. August 2019

A few minutes to relax before everything kicks off.....

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Best of Europe - BOE1802

26. Juni 2018

Warth - Erding

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BOE Best of Europe 1702

24. Juni 2017

Day 7: The last day

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High Alpine Tour - HAT 1604

14. August 2016

After another stop to visit "Monastery Ettal" and a really good Lunch - wie finished our Tour. Had an enjoyable " Farewell Dinner" and - next  morning - also breakfast all together. "Good By". Have a good flight back home, and a good time  when ...

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