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Custom TC Dolomites - SPT22030

12. August 2022

Bye, bye Lago di Garda.

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14. Oktober 2019

A motorcycle tour that combines 3,000 years of history with lots of spectacular riding fun!

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Riding at it's best - Pyrenees EXTREME

13. September 2019

Day 7 - Maçanet de Cabrenys to Casteldefels

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Exploring Tyrol, Bavaria & Southtyrol from Seefeld - CUSTOM TOUR

11. August 2019

We had some unusual and difficult situations to manage on the tour, but it was still a wonderful and fun tour. Thanks guys it was a pleasure!!!

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The Viking Experience - Norway 2019

7. Juli 2019

No words needed - Trollstigen

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Best of Italy - the new one

17. Juni 2019

Day 9: Pienza - Rome

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CCG190A: From Croatia to Greece

15. Juni 2019

Day 13: Nafplio to Athens

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CCG1802: Dubrovnik to Athens

13. Oktober 2018

Our last riding day takes us east towards Athens. But first, culture! The fantastic Asklepion of Epidauros offers the largest and best preserved amphiteatre of the tour, with unbelievably good accoustics. One can literally hear a pin drop. From here we climb back over the mountains towards ...

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Grand Alps Tour 1802 - the second and last in 2018

3. September 2018

The last day - Kaprun back to Seefeld

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BOE1803 - Best of Europe

15. Juli 2018

What a great group of people! Thank you all for a wonderful week. It is much more out there. We hope to seeing you again. Safe travels, all the best Ursula, Tom and Björn

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Best of Europe - BOE1802

26. Juni 2018

Warth - Erding

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Rome to Sicily - Spring Edition (RTS1802)

16. Mai 2018

Day 1 - Welcome to Rome! Quite a big group of enthusiastic motorcyclists is gathering in Caput Mundi, the glorious Rome, for a long ride across Southern Italy, all the way down to Sicily! Some of them have decided to join our guided city tour to ...

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CCC180A - Having fun with the guys from Taiwan

17. April 2018

Day 10 - Cordoba to Malaga

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Morocco, here we come! (MCT 1702)

20. November 2017

....and then there was the last day already of this Tour! Wih mixed feelings we started again (yes, again..!) under a clear blue sky downhill from Chefchaouen for a nice half day riding through the Rif mountains towards the border crossing near Ceuta.  Enjoying the last ...

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