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15. September 2019

GRAND ALPS Group 2019

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Scandinavian Dreams Special

21. August 2019

The three last night we spent in Ålesund. The weather was so-so, but Ålesund looks nice even in fog and rain. It has been tour of nice riding, lots of beautiful sights and some adventures to remember. Thanks for the ride guys !

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The Ultimate Alps Ride Special

29. Juni 2019

DAY 8: KLobenstein (Collabo) to Mieming 

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Harley-Davidson Anniversary Tour (SPT18020)

20. Juli 2018

At the Harley Davidson 115th anniversary event in Prague

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Life is Beautiful - Alpine Wonderland

23. Juni 2018

Day 9: Bormio - Seefeld Like every good fairy tale, also this one must come to an end. However, for the last riding day we have prepared quite a challenging and incredible route! The first pass will be Forcola di Livigno, followed by a stop in ...

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Die Saison ist eröffnet - Marokko Tour 2018

19. März 2018

Day1: Malaga - Ceuta  

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South Africa Tour a multicultural trip through the country of the rainbow nation (SAT 1702)

11. November 2017

DAY 1: The arrival in Johannesburg 

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Die Perlen der Adria

27. September 2017

We are getting ready to start our tour through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Our first day will end on the beautiful sun island Hvar.

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8SZ - The Austrian Lake District - the inauguration

17. Juli 2017

We have to say good bye to the tough girls and boys. We hope you enjoyed it and of course it would be a pleasure seeing you again.  You`ve been a fun group. Thanks for everything Ursula & Lukas ...

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BOE Best of Europe 1702

24. Juni 2017

Day 7: The last day

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Back to Dubrovnik: a great tour is coming to an end (CAS1701)

4. Juni 2017

Thanks everybody for joining us on this amazing tour. It was a blast! See you next time!!!

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Pearls of the Adriatic: an exclusive Korean tour

14. Mai 2017

DAY 7: Through Republika Srpska to Crna Gora Montenegro

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The Ultimate Alps Tour (CUA1604)

25. September 2016

What a view upon leaving Lugano in the early morning!

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The North Cape Tour

8. August 2016

After long hours riding, seeing wild animals on the way and enjoying the amazing landscape, we finally made to get to the North Cape!

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