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Beiträge von Christian Preining

Alps Riding Academy 2205

1. Oktober 2022

Starting our blog with a picture from crossing Lago di Garda by ferry means its the last riding day. It also means we have successfully conquered thousands of curves, challenging exercises and fast laps on a little racetrack ...

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Alps Riding Accademy 2203

5. Juni 2022

On May 15 a small team of six riders from four countries were heading for a perfectly timed week in northern Italy. Great weather with moderate temperatures and little traffic.

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Fahrakademie Alpen 6AA2109

22. September 2021

before you start - get the right food

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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2108

10. August 2021

Riding the Academy

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Alps Riding Academy 6AA2107

18. Juli 2021

the training park

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Booked in for a lifetime

5. Oktober 2020

Das glückliche Paar

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6AA2007 - Fahrakademie Alpen

9. September 2020

The students, the professor and our classroom for the week

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6AA2006 - Let's get started on the racetrack

24. August 2020

Hi Bob, you probably know that I am not an overenthusiastic blogger but your comment on the last blog "A family event" is pretty motivating. One part of my job, and I really like that part, is to make people smile. Now as you are telling me that a ...

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6AA2005 - A family event

24. August 2020

The Alps Riding Accademy was founded to help motorcycle riders to improve their riding on challenging roas to get ready for the mountain passes all over the world and in the Edelweiss broschure. We had in mind guests from overseas and rather flat parts of the globe. To our positive ...

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Direction South: Adventure Patagonia (APA1802)

11. Dezember 2018

Day 19: Rio Grande - Punta Arenas THE END After over 5000km today we are reaching our final destination: the town of Punta Arenas! It's not gonna be an easy walk, as today we have 430km ahead of us, plus the last border crossing and a ...

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Können Haarnadeln süchtig machen?

26. Juni 2017

Apparently yes. Why else Alfons, Bernhard, Ruedi and Nico would have come back to the "hairpin turns academy"?

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