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Beiträge von Marko Bauer

South Africa - first tour 2020

28. Januar 2020

Life is good!

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SPT19071 - China meets South Africa

17. Dezember 2019

Ready to leave Johannesburg!

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Südafrika - von Johannesburg nach Kapstadt SAT1903

10. November 2019

Tag 14: Am Ziel in Kapstadt 

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Alps Touring Center - riding in paradise ATC1905

28. Oktober 2019

Excitement - that’s the right word to describe the feelings when the group met in Seefeld! The beautiful bikes were lined up, a great mix of German, Italian and Japanese designs.

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Best of America (very true!) CBA1902

28. September 2019

Sunset at Zion N.P.

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Riding North: Adventure North Cape ANC190A

28. August 2019

Tank you for the great Tour

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5AL190a - Peaks and passes - riding the Alps on a Harley!

4. August 2019

The fearless Harley-group in Livigno

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The best way to start the new year: South Africa SAT1901

3. Februar 2019

We made it, everybody is back, safe and happy! The final day took us to the Cape of Good Hope, where we took the mandatory picture! After another very nice and tasty dinner, everybody is mow preparing to fly home - or to spend a ...

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South Africa Tour SAT1803 - arrived in Cape Town

9. November 2018

After 4300km - we have arrived!

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ATS - Andalusia Tour

11. Oktober 2018

Day 1: Malaga - Garanada  

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Life is beautiful tour RTV1802

23. September 2018

Frank and Gary at Lake Reschen

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West Canada - CCW 1801

2. August 2018

We made it! After almost two weeks of travelling through the gorgeous mountain ranges and river valleys of British Columbia and Alberta, we have returned to Vancouver! Our final riding day took us from Kamloops along the twisty road at Duffy Lake. The big highlight of ...

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Alaska-Yukon Tour AYT1801

20. Juli 2018

Denali in all its beauty!

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Alps and Lakes (CAL1802), through the Alpine wonderland of Austria and Southern Germany

9. Juni 2018

The Irish at the Pillersee

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