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Beiträge von Markus Hellrigl

South Africa and the Alps (HAT2301)

27. Mai 2023

Once upon a time...... To be exact, it was in 2018 that Jaques participated at a High Alpine Tour and got infected with the "Alps bug". Since then he was dreaming about bringing his brother and some of his best friends onto the twisties, the high ...

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Marokko Tour

29. April 2023

Colors of Morocco

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Flamenco und Portwein Tour - CCC2301

9. April 2023

Welcome to Malaga! the lively town on the Southern coast of Spain is again waiting for our customers from all over the world  to arrive for a spectacular motorcycle tour. Great weather and warm temperatures make us vote confident. We are looking forward to welcome our ...

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Christopher Columbus Tour - CCC 2203

12. November 2022

Andalusias small backroads

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26. Oktober 2022

…bike's arrived in Barcelona

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Bicycling in Croatia - is there a better place? 8OK2201

7. Oktober 2022

Did I say Croatia? To be more precise, we are talking about Istria. The group of enthusiastic bicyclists, Charles and Beth, Mark and Stephanie from the US and Petra from Austria met with Lucian and me in Opatija. Some of you might wonder how I ended up ...

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RTV2202 - Alpen Deluxe

27. September 2022

Welcome to Seefeld, welcome to our Tour de luxe!

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High Alpine Tour - Riding the Heart of the Alps

11. September 2022

Waiting .....

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CIR2201 The emerald island - Ireland

3. September 2022

Looking foreward! Let's see if we can check off all the highlights!

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Ultimate Alps 2202

24. Juli 2022

After meeting Markus, an Edelweiss tourguide, last night we were ready this morning to hear about riding lines and technic. After the classroom session we practised what we've heard. Finally we looped through outstanding scenery up to an altitude of 6000ft. 

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13. Juli 2022

After the classroom session we headed for a place to practice our skills. After that we went for testing the bikes on spectacular mountain roads.

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2. Juli 2022

Something new at Edelweiss - the HAWKS - a Global Motorcycle Club came to explore the Alps. Members from HAWKS Egypt, HAWKS Kuwait, HAWKS Riyadh, HAWKS Dubai, HAWKS Lebanon and EGYRiders. At the starting base Neuwirt in Mieming they recieved not only their motorcycles but also a ...

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The Best of Greece

14. Mai 2022

First "meet and greet"

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Alle Jahre wieder - Garagenfeschtl 2018

3. November 2018

The winner's photo

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