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Beiträge von Christoph Zimmermann

Special Tour Exclusive Mediterranean Alps

23. September 2016

Finally we got a decent internet connection, even when it is already the 7th riding day! Anyways we enjoyed our ride so much, that we wanted to share a small selection of beautiful fotos and impressions from our tour with the world...   Have a ...

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Special Tour Pyrenees Extrem

22. Juni 2016

Arrival day in Casteldelfels at the Costa Daurada south of Barcelona. The Ducati's and the BMW's are ready for the Adventure..

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Discover our Earth - Scouting China

17. September 2013

8.800km and 25 days ago we arrived in Kashgar and experienced that there is an Arabic world in China. Right now we are in the deepest jungle in front of the border to Laos and every road sign has an elephant as picture on it. What a ...

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4SC1301 Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

12. Juni 2013

And to finish the blog, our last supper Was a great week

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Royal Harley Alps Tour SPT1205

7. August 2012

Day 11 & 12: The last days in europe! what an amazing trip!!! hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did...

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CMP1201 Moscow - St.Petersburg

15. Juli 2012

 DAY 7 & 8 Our way to St. Petersburg and the city itself! it was amazing. Russia has way more to offer than we effer thought about! Thanks to the great team we have been and see you on the next tour...

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Adriatic Rollercoaster 4SC1201

4. Juni 2012

The bikes are on his way, Klagenfurt we are coming!

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Motorcycle pilgrim tour on the St. James Way

27. Mai 2011

RIDING TO EL BURGOS We started the day by going to a local winery called David Monero. Surprisingly, they don't export this beer. So, you can only have some here in Spain. We were offered some wine to taste, but Edelweiss has a strict ...

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