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Isle of man und Schottland Runde

25. September 2022

Sterling Castle

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Best of Greece

13. Juni 2022

Meteora. One of the most iconic sites of the hellenistic mainland.

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Südfrankreichs schönste Straßen

1. Oktober 2021

Art, Great Food & Savoir Vivre!

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St. James Way (incl.Vino, Tapas, Peaks & Turns)

30. September 2019

 St. James Way (Tapas, Peaks & Turns) follows the pilgrem's path through north eastern Spain to the legendary city of Santiago de Campostela (the burial place of the Apostle Jacob). "El camino" (the way) is actually a vast network of walking trails throughout all of Europe which converge in ...

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Balkan Adventure ABA1901

11. Juni 2019

The iconic shot of the church "Iglesia San Juan Kaneo"

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Exploring the Balkans

5. Oktober 2018

Here's the Plan - roughly 6000 KM along the Carpathian mountains: leaving Germany, through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the High Tatras, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and back to Germany. Four weeks without a care in the world.

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ANC1801 - Conquering the North Cape

9. August 2018

Welcome to the land of the trolls... Norway awaits us and we are anxious to discover and experience this adventure to the most norther point of Europe that can be reached by road.

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Secrets of Japan 2018 (CJA the alternative tour)

31. Mai 2018

Himeji Castle...! A landmark example of japanese mideaval defense architecture. Astonishing in it's dimensions, aesthetic, und mixture of functionality and form.

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Norway Touring Center (NTC 1702)

22. Juli 2017

Fortress of Bud

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Alps and Lakes (CAL 1701)

26. Mai 2017

Alps and Lakes and lots of sunshine. A perfect mix for our guests from America, UK & Australia.

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Corsica/Sardinia-9SK 2016

19. Oktober 2016

Who would believe that this Disney Land type castle is just a short jaunt from Bologna. A magical start to a magnificent tour... Here are some visuals from the trip from back to start. We begin however with an extra few days with just one special tour-member on ...

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Alpen und Seen (CAL 1604)

16. Oktober 2016

Everybody together at Hallstättersee

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Grand Alps 2016 (CGA 016A)

30. Juni 2016

If one picture could say it all....

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Grand Alps 2015 (CGA-1502)

29. Juni 2015

Welcome to the GRAND ALPS TOUR 2015 We've been preparing for you for over 30 years; picking the best roads, nicest hotels, sorting out the highlights that will thrill you and keep you coming back for more!

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