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Australia Tour '24

19. Februar 2024

Australian wildlife experience

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New Zealand Tour '24

2. Februar 2024

Embarking on the Kiwi Adventure: A 12-Day Motorcycle Journey Across New Zealand Welcome to the land of the long white cloud, where every twist of the road reveals a breathtaking vista, and every corner turned promises a new adventure. Our motorcycle ...

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ACT Italia (UPC2303)

2. November 2023

Inaugural Adventure Tour from Bologna to Rome   Greetings from the Red City! Our highly anticipated unpaved motorcycle adventure is set to unfold, marking the commencement of an exhilarating journey through the heart of Italy. As we prepare to embark on this thrilling escapade, the ...

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Pearls of the Adriatic Sea (CAS2303)

11. Oktober 2023

Before embarking on our thrilling motorcycle tour along the stunning Adriatic coastline, our diverse crew gathered in the vibrant city of Split, Croatia. We were a lively group of 15 riders, hailing from both Canada and the United States, with a spirited trio from Ireland. One dedicated ...

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ACT-Unpaved Pyrenees Tour Thai Style

4. Oktober 2023

"Unpaved Pyrenees Adventure: Embracing the Ride Ahead"   Here we are, back at the Costa Brava, gearing up for what promises to be another epic ride of our lives. Our anticipation is building, and the excitement is palpable as we prepare to embark on our ...

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HAT2304 - High Alpine Tour

5. September 2023


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HAT2303 - High Alpine Tour

21. August 2023

Hello! Welcome to our first riding day. The weather still looks a bit rainy, but it's dry at the moment. Let's see how it will be during the day, maybe we will be lucky and be spared from the rain. We start in the ...

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UPP2301 ACT Pyrenees Tour

1. August 2023

Welcome to ACT Pyrenees Adventure. This adventure trip takes us from the easternmost point of Spain, the "Cap de Creus", all the way through the Pyrenees to the west coast and ends in Bilbao. During this time we will be on the best winding ...

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Croatia scooter tour 2CR2301

19. Mai 2023

It’s time for the welcome briefing!

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Tourguide Training 2023

18. Februar 2023

After a long and exciting day of training, it's finally time for a delicious dinner.

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UPA 2203 - Andalusia unpaved

5. November 2022

Bienvenido a Andalucía! A week of enduro riding is waiting for us. The unique Andalusian landscape impresses us from the very beginning. The Torcal National Park, with its bizarre rock formations, and the Chorro Canyon are just some of the highlights of this trip. In ...

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PYT2202 Tour of the pyrenees

5. Oktober 2022

From Castelldefels, we can comfortably approach today's highlight, Catalonia's most famous site, the mountain range and monastery of Montserrat, on beautiful back roads and later on the comfortable A2. Sweeping back roads wind up to the bizarre rock formations of Catalonia's holy mountain. Visit the world-famous ...

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17. September 2022

Today was arrival day in spain, more exactly in Barcelona, our Hotel is just a few kilometers outside of the city. Before we head to the welcome briefing we first go for a guided city tour. Barcelona is defenitly one of the most beautiful cities of ...

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3FI2202 adventure Iceland, beauty, fire and ice

9. August 2022

a great adventure ist waiting for us

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