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Beiträge von Axel Allgaier

CGX2302 Sweepers Heaven

3. September 2023

Looking down at the Rhine valley after some beautiful curves.

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CGX 2202 Sweepers Heaven Eifel

21. September 2022

Let's have a great rest day in Luxemburg - curves, curves, curves and a sunny day!

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CPO Paris to Omaha

21. September 2022

Welcome on Day 10: Bayeux to Etretat

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4BW2003 - Felix Austria - 2020

10. September 2020

Ein Anfang ist gemacht in diesem seltsamen Jahr 2020. Die erste Edelweisstour nach der Zwangspause führt, wie sollte es anders sein, duch Österreich. Zu viert brechen wir an einem verregneten Morgen in Bregenz am Bodensee zur Fahrt nach Wien auf. Nach der Hitze des Vortages fühlt ...

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ATC1906 - The last one for 2019

16. Oktober 2019

Happy riders at 2020m asl

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HAT1904 High Alpine Tour

7. August 2019

We awoke in Lienz to a beautiful sunny morning. Crossing the border into Italy we reached the Dolomites and smapled the first pass roads of the day. Coffee at the lake and a cableacar ride up Lagazuoi for lunch with a view. Getting drenched on the way ...

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Best of Europe, 4th edition of 2019

4. August 2019

Take off in Erding

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CUA1902 - Ultimate Alps - Mountains, Curves and Strudel

14. Juli 2019

After a well deserved rest day, it is time to tackle a few more passes before the tour comes to an end at Edelweiss HQ in Mieming: Penser Joch, Jaufenpass and as a final higlight Timmelsjoch. Weather forecast was for a dry part in the morning and ...

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CUA1802 - Alpen Pur - Sonne und Kurven ohne Ende

15. Juli 2018

The rain has stopped and we had a great view to Inn valley at "Gacher Blick"

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BOE1705 - The last one ... for 2017

10. Oktober 2017

Day 7: Warth to Erding

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Breweries & Castles: one last time...

1. September 2017

Day 11: Rothenburg to Mainz

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Sommer im Kurvenparadies

24. Juni 2017

It is hot in paradise. The short thunderstorm over Bologna on the frist day did not result in a change of temperature. So the group enjoyed the airconditioned rooms of the Ducati museum before hitting the winding roads of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany on the way to ...

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Australia Adventure Extension - keep riding ...

19. Dezember 2016

D06 ... and finally, the Blue Mountains! Thanks to all of the participants, see you soon!!

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Australia Adventure Tour 1601 - Southern Summer?

8. Dezember 2016

... and don't forget!!!!

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