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Beiträge von Wim Doms

ATC1903 - A funky bunch goes Alps Touring Center

10. August 2019

The story of our trip: magnificent views! Maybe a little covered in clouds, but still, they're out there!

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CUA180A The Ultimate Alps

23. Juli 2018

16 Horsepower has always been a fantastic band. 16 friends from California, Chicago and Germany (yup, odd one out!) gathered together with waaaay more horsepower to come and do THIS! Ride the Alps, the Ultimate way.

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4SC1801 - We go rollercoasting down the Adriatic!

15. Juni 2018

So green it is!

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Canada's Magnificent Seven goes all Adriatic ! - 4SC180B

2. Juni 2018

Se7en... without the sins. Well... more or less

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Alps and Lakes CAL 1703

20. September 2017

the race start in Kaprun.....

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High Alpine Tour - HAT1705

10. September 2017

We started in the morning at 5 degrees down the valley in direction to Reutte. A little nice tour through the wonderful "Namlos" valley brought us to Heiterwanger lake, where we had our first coffee stop. Beautiful outside in the sun. Neuschwanstein Castle was our next stop ...

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The Alps go all Japanese! Special Japanese High Alpine Tour HAT170C

19. August 2017

7 friends from Japan arrived today in Erding. All ready for a special High Alpine Tour. Thank you very much from both tour guides to Yun for helping out with translation during the welcome briefing! Our Japanese will surely get a lot better over the next 7 days. ...

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Alps Extreme - The Alps, done the proper way! (4AE1703)

24. Juli 2017

A glorious morning over Toblach gave us a final salute before heading back to Mieming. This view may well go down in the books as the best one on the whole tour. Bye bye Monte Rota, was a pleasure to see you again.

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Adriatic Rollercoaster Extreme - 4SC1701

2. Juni 2017

Hey hang on... Where did our lovely view go this morning? Slovenia surprised us with a very misty start in the morning. What would the day bring next? Some rain for Kellee maybe, to finally let her live the experience of being on a moving motorcycle in the ...

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Beer and Princesses... Or Breweries and Castles ! CBC1601

28. August 2016

What happens when you bring together a group of Aussies (learning a Belgian how to actually spell that), Americans and a German and a Belgian tour guide? You end up with a wonderful combination to go on a bike ride through some of the less known but very ...

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(Very) High Alpine Tour - HAT1603

25. Juli 2016

Time to round it all up... 

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Adriatic Rollercoaster - 4SC1602

12. Juni 2016

Adriatic Rollercoaster - the credits... 

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Adriatic Rollercoaster yet again! - 4SC1504

5. Oktober 2015

Riding day 6 - Otocec back to Klagenfurt

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Adriatic Rollercoaster - 4SC1503

27. September 2015

Riding day 6 - Otocec to homebase Klagenfurt

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