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Adventure Patagonia - APA 2302

2. Dezember 2023

We made it !!!

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CCC 2303 - Final Christopher Columbus tour of this year !

5. November 2023

Day 1 of the tour is there! After a rainy day yesterday, the sun came out this morning and oromised a beautiful day! And it is like that. With 6 persons of our group we were heading out today to downtown Malaga for a walking city tour. ...

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1. Oktober 2023

Welcome to a new edition of Edelweiss' well known tour: the High alpine tour. With a mixed group of Canadians and Americans we will ride some of the most beautiful passes in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.  But first today we started with a guided city tour ...

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BOE 2305 - The Ultimate Experience !

23. September 2023

    ==WELCOME TO THE BEST OF EUROPE TOUR == A warm welcome to our big group of enthousiastic riders from the USA and Canada to join us on this great tour in the heart of Europe. We started with a very nice Guided city ...

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Beautiful Alps (SPT23083)

27. August 2023

Today we welcomed our group from Japan which is going tonride with us coming week in the beautiful alps! we had a very pleasant outside dinner at our starthotelnin Ersing and everybody was eager and ready to go. ! We are  all looking forward to ...

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Alps Extreme tour (4AE230b)

14. Juli 2023

Time for a new adventure!  Today a group riders from California is travelling into the beautiful area of Tyrol, surrounded by great views at the Alps and grean meadows. So all together the perfect recipe for an extreme tour from the category Ride 4 Fun !! ...

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Rome to Sicily….let’s go again !!

26. Mai 2023

Let's go ...that's right! For the third time already customers  chose for this great tour, and that's for a reason: great roads, great food and wine , a lot of history and hopefully some good weather! Today we prepared the bikes while Jon and Ryan were ...

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Rome to Sicily!

14. Mai 2023

Y allá bamos! Today we expect a group motorcycle riders from Argentina and we are very pleased to do this beautiful tour from Rome to Sicily with them! The bikes are prepared and ready to roll again. ! We will have anwelcome briefing as soon as ...

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Adventure Indochina

26. März 2023

Goooood morning, Vietnam!! Finally, after being in concept a couple of years, and a non-riding period during the Covid-19 period, we are happy to introduce to you the Edelweiss Adventure Indochina tour! This tour will take us through a big part of Indochina. Starting off in ...

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NSZ 2301 New Zealand Tour

1. Februar 2023

14 or 21 days - doesn’t matter this place got some magic places - that’s the master plan for our tour

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The Morrocco Tour is on again !!

5. November 2022

Finally !! After an almost three year gap we are ready to go again on one of our most beautiful tours: The Morrocxo tour! Arriving one or more days earlier the majority of the group is already eager to go to North Africa. Today we started ...

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Andalusia tour

8. Oktober 2022

Welcome to the second Andalusia tour of 2022.  on the arrival day we took off to downtown Malaga with Bob and Stacey and their niece Bonnie for a city tour in this beautiful city Strolling along the beautiful park along the harbourside , up to the ...

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Mystery tour 2022

2. September 2022

A very good morning to everyone from South Africa ! Finally THE day where everybody was so very much looking forward to: the start of the Mystery Tour 2022! Yesterday already the majority of the group arrived at the small airport of Mbombela , former know  as ...

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The Grand Alps Tour is on again! - CGA220A

3. August 2022

Welcome on the blog of the first Grand Alps Tour of this year with Edelweiss Bike Travel. We will travel through the most beautiful places and over the most awesome passes in the Austrian, Swiss, Italian and French alps and Dolomites. Along the sweetest and romantic lakes ...

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