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Beiträge von Milan Haase

Adventure patagonia 1902

29. November 2019

Saabir at the bar- can’t ride like this tho...

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Best of America (very true!) CBA1902

28. September 2019

Sunset at Zion N.P.

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Alps and Lakes - CAL1803

22. September 2018

Welcome briefing - before everybody get the key they have to know some important infos...

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The High Alpine Tour HAT1805

8. September 2018

Thanks for this great tour We wish all the best Milan, Gottfried and Michaela say goodbye

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Alaska-Yukon Tour AYT1801

20. Juli 2018

Denali in all its beauty!

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Adventure Patagonia 2018

10. Februar 2018

Giribaldi Pass outside of Ushuaia is a biker's dream road...

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Adventure Altiplano August 2017

5. September 2017

we made it to Antofagasta!! This tour is great like that: Start at the Pacific Ocean, end here too!!

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Canada West Tour 2017

4. August 2017

Western Canada is speckeled with quaint little towns- nice place to ride!

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Adventure Patagonia 2017

11. Februar 2017

The Mountains outside of Ushuaia are spectacular! When it's not raining- like today

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Adventure Altiplano October 2016

5. Dezember 2016

Riding through the Atacama Desert! and Geyser del Tatio at sunrise! Cold/ dark start- but well worth it!

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Adventure Patagonia 2015

31. Januar 2015

Another beautiful day for Torres del Paine!! Jurgen and Ralf stop for a photo

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Adventure Colorado! September 2014

21. September 2014

Great backdrop for the morning briefing!

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