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Beiträge von Björn

PYT2201 Tour of the Pyrenees

17. Juni 2022

So here we are, in Castelldefels, and we can´t wait for the Tour of the Pyrenees to begin! But before we start the engies we want to discover the beautiful city of Barcelona! A place packed with historic stories to be told as well as a ...

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Pyrenäen Extreme 2201

6. Juni 2022

Maxine in front of the famous Montserrat!

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Grand Alps Tour 2021 (CGA2102)

21. September 2021

in the picture

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Alps Extreme in October 2019 (4AE1906)

7. Oktober 2019

Today we started out from Mieming with our small group and took on our first mountain pass the „Kühtai“ which brought us up to 2000 meters above sea level. After enjoying an applestrudel we followed a very small forest road to Imst and up the mountains again ...

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CEE1902 Eastern European Delights

25. August 2019

A few minutes to relax before everything kicks off.....

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Life is beautiful tour RTV1802

23. September 2018

Frank and Gary at Lake Reschen

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Kraig and Friends doing the Alps Extreme 4AE1803

4. August 2018

Our awesome group!

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First Alps Extreme 2018 4AE1801

24. Juni 2018

The bikes lined up for the tourstart in Mieming

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Flamenco und Portwein Tour - CCC1702

19. Oktober 2017

Picnic time at Malaga Mountains

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CGA 170A - Classic Tour Route Grandes Alpes

27. August 2017

and now the group is on it´s way to the last destination Mieming - what a great tour that was: approx 3500km, more than 45 passes, uncountable switchbacks, highest passes of the Alps, 6 countries: Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Italy, Germany.... and so much more .... sunny ...

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It's been a blast! (NSZ1602)

21. November 2016

Day 11: Hike, ride and fly  

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The Ultimate Alps Tour is on the way (CUA1603)

15. August 2016

going up the Penserjoch in the morning

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(Very) High Alpine Tour - HAT1603

25. Juli 2016

Time to round it all up... 

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Best of Europe 1603

15. Juli 2016

Before we could get on the bikes today, we first had to fix a flat tire on one of the bikes. Thanks to the help of the hotel owner the bike was ready to go again after ten minutes.When we headed out of the garage the rain ...

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