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Tour of Tuscany Spring 2013 - BIT1301

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013 | Ursula Peter | Europa

7th Day - last riding day - San Marino to Florence

Incredible:  Snow in the Toscana by end of may - a very special adventure!!!

The warriors survived! Rain, wind, thunderstorms, cold and finally even snow and hale - whatever - nothing can kill our good mood

A great tour with a great group!! Thanks to all of you!


6th Day - Restday in San Marino

Ferrari F 40 - for a decade the fastest car you could buy - yeah Albert, if you dream, dream big!!!

the warriors go into the Adriatic Sea - it was tiny cold

(Warming up from the cold wind outside the water)

The beach is called "Teutonen Grill" or in English "German Barbecue", the sunchairs are all arrange in a row, numbers on them, some are even surrounded by a fence. You just have to bring your flower beds and your dwarfs by yourself - very German!!!

Yeaahh they made it

Heather is taking off

Tourguides have to stay on the ground

Restaurant Bel Sit - high above the Adriatic Sea

with the nicest and best looking waiter ever

Hi Alan - promise, I told the guys that there is no parmesan with the fish, only for me a little bit, hahaha


Rossi Cafe in Tavullia

Francois is having a good time. Whatever question you have - ask him!


5th Day - Assisi to San Marino

Marie-Laure is looking for her umbrella - somewhere hidden inbetween all the luggage

Urbino -  Palazzo Ducale! Birthtown of Valentino Rossi

Unbelievable - this was the fastest road to San Marino!!! (stunning views!!)

Wow! we can see San Marino !

I would laugh as well beeing with 2 lovely women in the dry van the whole day

San Marino!


4th Day - Restday in Assisi

Some stayed in the medieval town and some came riding with us along the Trasimeno Lake to Orvieto

Cathedral of  Orvieto

Pozzo San Patrizio - a 70 m deep well, kept Orvieto alive during long sieges

Stairs70 m down and up again makes a bit thirsty

There are always some issues.....

These Tourguides are always busy, they probably earn a fortune....

On the way to dinner "La Stalla" outside Assisi - a ten minutes walk but the guys started to complain - when we are there??? Is it on this side of Monte Subasio or on the other?? Are you sure we are on the right way???

We have to keep everyone in a good mood

But all the efforts where worth it

After the "official" part - the Cohiba session started )


3rd Day - Siena to Assisi

Fotostop at Montalcino -  Origin of the famous "Brunello di Montalcino"

On the way we visited the 1200 years old Abbey of San Antimo

Albert tought us - in South Africa you are blessed if its raining. We got a lot of blessings today

Impression of the Lago Trasimeno

They are looking like a real Italian Mafia gang. (shelter from the "blessing" in a small village Cafe - we were the attraction of the month)

Arrival to Assisi - wonderful view to the city

Mike - our Sommeiller in action during the dinner in Hotel Giotto - the oldest cellar in Assisi. Look at Charnre - she is looking 10 years younger after spending the afternoon in the hotel`s spa.


2nd  Day - Restday in Siena

The abbey of San Galgano

We had the first brandnew watercooled R 1200 GS with us. Guess who was riding it??

"La Crete" - typical Tuscan landscape

In the afternoon we explored the city of Siena

Piazza Il Campo

Fonte di Gaia - the fountain of joy

Kim and Mike in front of the famous cathedral Santa Maria Assunta

Tourstart - Tour of  Tuscany

The bikes arrived, maintained and clean

our start hotel the beautiful "Villa Pitiana"

The new Honda NC 700 S - automatic transmission - a good looking bike

Rooms like in a king castle

Robert and Mike

After briefing we enjoyed our welcome dinner

All our guest are here, except the South Africans!! Where are they???

missed a connecting flight in Paris - too many airports there - took the next flight to Bologna, than the train to Florence and last not least they ended up with a taxi driver who had no clue whether the Pitiana is something to eat or the name of Berlusconi s latest girl friend. But here they are!! Charnre and Albert from Pretoria - welcome to the group


1 st  riding day - Florence to Siena

Giovanni Verrazzano discoverd New York harbour

Heather and Bob having their first Italian Cappucchio

Andreas gets the latest news from Robert about Goldman Sachs

The area where Mona Lisa is supposed to come from-Heathers Mohawk was a more impressive sight!!

Il Pestello in Chianti - yummy noodels, but no one could find the bathroom

Manhattan of Tuscany - San Gimignano - just before the rainclouds came in

Best ride there is and best icecream there is......

the army girl has to do her cross fit inbetween

Marie-Laure and Francois - our French couple from Valais

Kim and Mike from Canada

a long riding day ended with hale and heavy thunderstorms, we lost the French couple and had quite some other issues - but finally we all made it to the Garden Hotel in Siena

Atla - the barman at the Garden Hotel - a legend in his own time - made our evening. We ended up with big Cohibas and good laughs



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Freitag, 24. Mai 2013 um 22:43

Hi Hans,
Good memories of the Dolomites tour in 2009.
I go back there every year in early June.
If you see a white R1200R with Valais registration plates around June 8 to June 20, that is me!
I usually stay in Ortisei (Sankt Ulrich in Gröden) or San Cassiano in Badia (Sankt Kassian).
Best of all!
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Freitag, 24. Mai 2013 um 14:19

Tour of Tuscany Spring 2013 – BIT1301 « Worldtourer – the official Edelweiss Bike Travel Blog
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Freitag, 24. Mai 2013 um 10:58

Tour of Tuscany Spring 2013 – BIT1301 « Worldtourer – the official Edelweiss Bike Travel Blog
Cindi Hill
Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013 um 16:24

Ursula miss u much. Hoping to connect at Rome to Sicily in 2014. Great pictures. Feel like I am there with u all again.
Samstag, 25. Mai 2013 um 18:29

Hi Cindy,
just returned from the Rome to Sicily tour. Yes, nice pictures and a great group.
Best regards Ursula
Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013 um 15:19

Hi Ursula,
send my best wishes to Marie-Laure and Francois. We've been on the Dolomite Touring Center together.
Hope you get some Italian ice cream and enjoy it for me.
Save ride Hans
Samstag, 25. Mai 2013 um 18:28

Hi Hans,
I did. Best regards as well. We^d rather have a warm soup than an icecream
Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013 um 19:02

Oh and please say hello to Atla from me!! Missing his great music!
Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013 um 19:01

Hola to you, Ursula, and buon viaje in Italia
Greetings from a little further west...
Samstag, 25. Mai 2013 um 18:27

Hi Angela,
hopefully no "blessings" on your tour! See you!


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