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Tour of the Pyrenees (PYT1301) - Dancing with Pyrene

Montag, 17. Juni 2013 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europa

Day 6: Carcassonne-Molló

Leaving Carcassonne, with the castle behind.

And the great picnick with Albert as a Chef. Gorge of Galamus. Breathtaking place...

Day 5: "restday" Carcassonne

A stone on our road!

La Minerve, one of the most beatiful and peaceful place arround Carcassonne.

Beautiful flower, a Schuberth one.

The highway 66...

Wine tasting in Cazilhac

Day 4: Peramola-Carcassone, too busy eating french food to take pictures... sorry...

Day 3: "restday"

The TourBook  said that´s a "Rest Day"... but we don´t like to rest!!

Go in two groups, the long tour day go to Valle de Arán...400 kms of fuuuuuuuun!! the team pinneapple enjoyed the day very much.

The Team Papaya, don´t spend the time taking pictures... we were concentrated on the road, like the good riders.

Day 2: Castelldefels - Peramola

At last, summer has found Europe - we enjoy our first riding day in our lightest possible clothes starting out dance with Pyrene, the beautiful daughter of the King of Iberia. She presents us her nicest grip and charming rounds from the start of our tour to the Pyrenees. Wait and see what's more to explore...

Julio and Adolf have a short rest at the monastery de Montserrat, the "sawed mountain":

These two are always having a good time saying "Hi" to the millions of visitors of the black Madonna of Montserrat:

Kyle is ready to continue our trip on his Monster Ducati

UFF! We just made it in time to Cardona Castle to watch the Moto GP Catalunya:

and Pyrene is waiting for us for the next dance - let's go!

Day 1: arriving at Castelldefels, Hotel Rey Don Jaime

Eris says "Hello" to his 2-wheel-companion through the Pyrenees:



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