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Guided City Tour - Vienna

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013 | Ursula Peter | Europa

New on the Edelweiss program in 2013 are the Guided City Tours. We realized that lots of our guests don`t go downtown to see the beautiful cities their motorcycles tours are starting at. What a pity!!  The idea of the Guided City Tours was born - come and join!

Vienna - capital of Austria, 1,7 million inhabitants, city of waltzes and Jugendstil, coffee-house culture and horse-drawn carriages, vineyards and Heuriger wine taverns, opera balls and new year concerts, boys' choirs and Lipizzaners, schnitzel and Sachertorte.

We started downtown at one of Vienna`s icons

the Stephan`s Dome - built 1147, gothic style

We were early, nearly no other tourists and no queue on the entrance to the North Tower - so up we went! 68 m high and a spectacular view over the city.

230.000 tiles in 10 different colours.

You can  see the  Pummerin bell, pulled onto the 68m high North Tower 1957, with its 46.000 pounds the heaviest bell of Austria, ringing for special occasions and important church festivals.

Time for a break. Either one of Vienna`s famous coffee houses like "Hawelka" or something more trendy??

Michael looks a little bit like the owner Leopold Hawelka

But we decided for a place more fancy - sorry the name of the restaurant is either writeable nor pronounceable. But anyway, these little breads were delicious.

Almdudler - a typical Austrian drink - Michael and Linda  liked it.

The Plague Column was a gift of gratitude from the Austrian Emperor to God for ending the Great Plague.

For gourmets the deli grocery of "Julius Meinl" is a must for every visitor. Culinary delights from all over the world are available here.

Camel of Camelmilk chocolate....

The famous "Mozartkugeln"

Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel - means Imperial Confectionery Bakery Demel.....

Yes - these are all cakes!!!!!!

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - it was Wimbledon time. The Austrian  just couldn`t know that this German girl Sabine Lisicki nearly would have made it.

Uiuiui, what`s that?

Like the royals! The "Fiaker" - the horse-drawn carriages are so typical for Vienna. We did a loop along the...

Austrian Parliament, City Hall, and Burgtheater.

Hotel Sacher next to the Viennese Opera, famous for its chocolate cake made from a secret recipe.

We took the metro to another highlight: Schönbrunn.

But first we had lunch in Hietzing, in one of Vienna`s cosy beergardens to try typical Viennese food.

Wiener Schnitzel

Palatschinken -

a Eitrige, an Buckl, a Krokodui und a 16er Blech - und ois a bissl Jennifer!! Guys this is not translateable - ask one of your Austrian tourguides!!

After that we need a digestive walk!

Along the Schönbrunn zoo - world`s oldest and Europe`s most beautiful zoo, and crossing this endless park,  we finally reach Schloss Schönbrunn - the former "guest house" of the Emperor.

Michael, Mozart, and Linda

I hope you enjoyed it and got an idea of Viennese life style, culture and history. I wish you a safe and exciting tour.



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