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Now we are certain: Krakow is it! (CKC1302)

Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013 | Thomas Ritt | Europa

After Prague we headed straight for our next major highlight: an Edelweiss picnic lunch, out in the beautiful countryside of the Bohemian Switzerland. From here we went to Dresden/Germany for two nights, only to return to the Czech Republic for two more days of great riding. Then we finally arrived in Krakow and while walking through downtown for some after-dinner drinks it suddenly became clear: Krakaw is not only the most gorgeous town in Poland, but in all of Eastern Europe. Period.

Please note the decorative flowers on this genuine Edelweiss picnic table!

Rick from Ottawa, celebrating his 65th birthday in the subterranean restaurant of the castle hotel in Stary Jicin.

Maxine and Danny from Sydney

Tour guide Thomas K. prefers beer over sparkling wine. But it's a birthday celebration, so what can you do?

Neil from Brisbane demonstrates the beauty of the local food: roast duck with Bohemian dumplings.

Neil from Brisbane demonstrates the beauty of the local beer: Pilsner Urquell.

During the walking tour of the city of Krakow the group poses in front of the cathedral, where Polish kings were crowned and buried over a period of more than 500 years.

Believe it or not: this is a McDonalds restaurant. Even those are beautiful here in Krakow.

The panorama balloon took us 400 feet up into the air. The views were just amazing!

The Sinclairs from California, enjoying their balloon ride over Krakow.

The old town of Krakow was among the first UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe. We are not surprised.

Tom from North Carolina during culinary sightseeing in the restaurant "Pod Wawelem". Cheers!

The second Kings & Castles Tour in 2013 is well underway and 14 people from the US, from Canada and Australia are having a great time. From Vienna we followed the Danube for a while, then turned north to Budweis, the cradle of Bohemian beer. On the second day we rode to Prague, a spectacular city full of heritage buildings, churches, palaces, castles, bridges, towers, etc. etc. etc. One rest day here is barely enough to get an overview but we have more amazing places waiting for us, like Dresden, Crakow and Budapest, so we must leave tomorrow.

This amazing view of the Danube river valley is best enjoyed during lunch...

Danny, Maxine and Brandon are blown away be the awesome views in Prague. The building in the background is the Hradschin, the world's largest castle.

Tour guide Thomas K. provides a guided tour through the old town of Prague. The group is excited!

Tour guide Thomas R. provides a guided tour through the pubs of Prague. His group, Neil from Australia, is excited!

Dark clouds over Prague didn't bring any rain, but some relief from the heat.

Prague: exciting, spectacular, amazing, and busy, busy, busy!!!

Panorama of the Old Town Square

View from the Hanavsky Pavillon. Coincidentally, they also serve food and drink here...



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exciting Krakow
Mittwoch, 14. August 2013 um 19:59

yes definitely Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, baloon platform seems to be very good place to take outstanding photos


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