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Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014 | Bestellung Gutschein | News

Be the first one scouting Brazil with Edelweiss Bike Travel!

Especially Edelweiss bikers who have toured with us for many years already do know that there is a country (among others) we have never been to before and which is high on the bucket list for every motorcyclist: Brazil!

Surely you will have heard a lot about Brazil already, the grand city of Rio de Janeiro with its incredible carneval party, its fascinating flora and fauna and all the unknown and great riding routes. There is a lot to see and to discover in this huge country so we have decided offering two different routes, both spectacular with a once-in-a-lifetime guarantee.

More information:

www.edelweissbike.com/scouting-brazil (English)

www.edelweissbike.com/scouting-brasilien (Deutsch)


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