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Alps & Lakes May 2014 (Cal 1401)

Montag, 19. Mai 2014 | Paul Kustermann | Europa

Hello everybody and welcome to the Alps and Lakes Harley Davidson tour 2014. This was a stunning time of year to be in the alps and the CAL 1401 was the perfect introduction to one of the world's most outstanding motorcycle plagrounds! A Paradise of warm lush valleys, cold snowy peaks, glistening glacial lakes, perfect roads; and to make it all even better - sharing all this with good friends. Take a look and share the fun, like our girls did posing herer for us at Walchsee....

All is well that ends well. A lovely farewell dinner and goodbys with many promises to stay in touch and hopefully meet again .... somewhere .... sometime down the road.

It was a beautiful experience with our Friends from Taiwan.

Happy Travels / Marko, Paul & Peter (your Edelweiss-Guides )

快 樂 創 新


DAY 5 / Returning from Kaprun to München

... traversing an "Ocean of Stone" (Steinderndes Meer) between Zell am See and the Kitzbühler Alpen, past the "Kings Range" (das Königsgebirge) into the gentle idylic lowlands of south-eastern Bavaria.

Here a View from the brige and a bit of dreaming for all those in the group who are longing to get back to their favorite fishing-hole back home. From here it was back to Erding (in part on the German Autobahn) with a chance to test the Wind-Dynamics our Harley fleet at speeds that simply aren't allowed in Taiwan.


Day 4 / Excursion to Großglockner

That's our "sweeper" looking so sleek and speedy. It's Peter our accompanying guide, and the one to thank for all the stunning fotographs of  our bikers in action. Here at our waystop near the pass on the little road to Edelweiss-Sptiz.

After a refreshing break and some good warm food and drink, it was off to the glacier at "Franz-Josefs Höhe"

But That wasn't all! The day had still another Highlight in store: a jaunt to Kitzsteinhorn and the snowy peaks at over 3000 meters with a stunning view of Salzach Valley, the "Ocean of Stone" mountain range and the Kiezbühler Alps...

Then it was back to our base in Kaprun after a fine day of riding...


Day 3 / A Picnic on Hallstätter See

Edelweiss Catering on the most exclusive locations in the World!

And it all started on the lake in Gmunden:

On to more lakes: Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee...

And our Picnic-Lake for the day... Hallstättersee

As we say in German: "Der Name ist gleich Programm." Alps & Lakes is what we call it, and Alps and Lakes is what you get!

Following the picnic it was off to out destination for the day, our Hotel in Kaprun. To get there we had to travers the famous and imposing "Dachstein Moutain Range"

Are those fields of marshmallows...?

If you're a cow you might think so. It is hay bundled up to keep for the winter.


Day 2 / Salzburg to Gmunden-am-Traunsee

The route to Berchtesgaden led us to the secluded hide-out notoriously regarded as the Nazi Party's "Eagles Nest" in the remote south-eastern tip of Germany high above the Königssee. In the car-park the girls did some posing for us!

Kehlsteinhaus / Adolf Hitlers "Tea House" at Eagles Nest

At the Summit...! And believe it or not... that's SNOW up there even though we had nearly 30° in the valley.

But there are ways to combine cold and warm in an especially pleasing way...

To finish off this day of many treats, we stopped at the "Lienbachalm" on the Postalmstrasse to sample one of those infamous desert-platters. Everyone was thrilled !

And to cap the day, a relaxing evening at the Hotel with good food and friends!


Day 1 / Erding to Salzburg

(Mozart's Birthplace and setting for the movie "Sound of Music")

First off the bikes. They arrived by trailer from the Harley Dealer in Munich (House of Flames). A treasured cargo of shiny new pearls and a weather forcast to make everyone who stayed at home be filled with envy.

Here a view of the "Nordkette" in Innsbruck.

From Bavaria to the Inn-Valley, warm and sunny weather ahead!


With this elegant means of transportation to carry us, we set a plan...

and then it was off to the famous city of Salzburg - birthplace of Mozart, a living museum and a thriving contemporary center for the arts.

And what does one do in the birthplace of MOZART ?

Well of course we went to see if he was in!

We looked everywhere, but it seems we just missed him be by about 258 years. No... bother! In this beautiful town there were plenty of other thills. For example a restaurant that has been in continuous use since 803 a.d. That's over 12oo years that St-Peters-Keller has been providing a unique dining experience. The perfect atmosphere for finishing off a brilliant day.


DAY 0 / Arrivals from far away Taiwan

It didn't take long for our sociable taiwanese guests to make friends with the locals. Here's Jim out testing the way with a friendly group of students.

Then our briefing for the week and our first group-photo!

What a friendly group. It was lovely to have you here, and we hope to see you again soon on an Edelweiss Bike Tour. Till then... Happy Trails to you all.

Marko, Peter & Paul

告 別 和 良 好 的 旅 行



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Andrew Huang
Freitag, 30. Mai 2014 um 06:12

It's hard for me to decribe how wonderful feeling to those beautiful lakes and the spectacular Alps mountain, the lovely small towns, the widing roads and those friendly people we met are all myself and my friends' lifetime experience, I also like to extend our appreciations to the Edelweiss team; Marko, Paul, Peter and Doris, your great and professional services made our trip so easy and enjoyable. Many thanks from me and my friends!!!
Paul Kustermann
Samstag, 31. Mai 2014 um 07:40

It was great having you here. Hope to see you again down the road, sometime, someplace. All the best and happy travels. Paul


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