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Best of Europe - BOE1404

Freitag, 1. August 2014 | Ursula Peter | Europa

The Best of Europe - 5 countries, a lot of culture, different food, different languages and last not least perfect riding. We are quite a big group - 19 people, 11 motorcycles, 3 tourguides. Off we go - follow us on the blog.

Time was flying!!                                                                                                                     Thank you guys for a fantastic week, good riding, lots of fun. Hope we could give you an idea what Europe is like. Believe us - there is much more out there. Hope we see you again. Have a good flight back home... and keep in touch.

A big hug to  all of you - Ursula, Jens and Daniel

no funsuckers, ehhh???

The tourguides having fun as well

7. Riding Day  Warth (Austria) - Erding (Germany)

We were prepaired for rain - but we had sunshine

Cinderella castle - Neuschwanstein

we stopped for a coffee at the scenic Plansee


Linderhof Castle - the 2nd one of our crazy Bavarian King Ludwig II


Neal - the best sweeper ever

6. Riding Day  Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Warth (Austria)

Briefing in the Panorama Hotel Schaffhausen

Just beautiful along the Rhine river!

Riding along the Lake of Constance

Coffee stop in Hemberg - lovely Switzerland

Best cake ever

Tonyyyyy.... here is a delicious hamburger

Over there is Liechtenstein

The Furka Joch - we made it...

Some more riding pictures from Lynne - thank you Lynne

Here they are:

5. Riding Day - Ribeauvillé (France) - Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Fresh Fruits on the side of the road... we can´t go by...

Breakfast next to the bikes, the sun is out - another beautiful day waits for us

Hexenlochmühle in Black Forest - that is the place for cookoo clocks and ...

....Black Forest cake


Rothaus brewery - one of the biggest in the Black Forest

Rhinefall in Schaffhausen

 4. Riding Day - Restday in Ribeauvillé

Col de Freland, Col du  Wettstein,Col de la Schlucht, Col de Bonhomme, Route de Crete, Col des Bagenelle - these are the hills around Ribeauvillé  and that is the reason why we have no pictures from today - riding was on the list and not pretty much more  else

We had a short coffee in Munster - and then riding again....

They came back from a little adventure at Houte Koenigsburg, got wet, got lost  but had fun

Hiking to the nearby castle ruins... tough, but beautiful...

Ribeauville from the top - just great!!!

Cohiba cigars and Elsass wine - a little party started in the back yard of the Hotel

Daniel, Ursula and Jens - the tourguides tried to keep everything under control, but...

...that was not so easy

3. Riding Day  Heidelberg - Ribeauvillé (France)

we left Heidelberg on a quiet sunday morning. For the first 50 km we went on the Autobahn - some were  amazed that there is no speedlimit....

First stop in Bad Herrenalb - the Black Forest area is just beginning - and the Black Forest Cake is already on our plates...

a twisty, curvy ride through lonely valleys, the typical black forest houses, rolling hills ... what more can you expect on a sunny sunday?

Somewhere in the Black Forest - the original German girls:

and here a nice Kuckoo clock...

Another country is waiting for us:

We entered France in the afternoon - not far from Ribeauville, our destination for the next 2 days

"La vie é en rose" - that was the kind of festival which was going on in town.

The famous "Guglhupf"  for desert

ok - I lost the bet and he won a beer...

2. Riding Day  Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Morning briefing


We had a special tour in the  "Car Museum" in Langenburg

Coffee stop and a bit sightseeing at Schöntal monastery

Not only best ride there is - also best food there is

Daniel, the super cook, prepared a delicous picnic

And behind the van is the big surprise....


on the way to Heidelberg we stopped at the Götz von Berlichingen castle in Hornberg  - the "you can kiss my ...."    guy  

A fantastic view down into the Neckar valley

Hotel Ritter in Heidelberg - oldest house in town, in the middle of the pedestrian area

1. Riding Day  Erding - Rothenburg

We left Erding and the hopsfield area starts - the biggest in Europe.

hops is needed for brewing beer. 7,5 million liter beer is consumed at the "Oktoberfest" every year.

After lunch in Eichstätt we cruised through the "Altmühltal". Here is the place were theyfound the "Archeopteryx" - the first feathered fossile animal. The same picture covers every  the middle school science book in America.

Afternoon ice cream in beautiful Dinkelsbühl

We are heading for Rothenburg now - the most romantic city in Germany

Our hotel the "Reichsküchenmeister"...

The town hall...

We are on the way to the Nightwatch Man`s Tour....

The Nightwatch Man of Rothenburg - he is not only a guide, he is an actor...

a concert for free... and some of the guys ended up in "Hell"

Before tourstart we always offer a Guided City Tour in Munich. Public transport brings us from Erding downtown and we visit the most famous sights in Munich.

Come on - have a look....

Lynda and Richard Godin from Canada were the special guests. We started at "Isartor" - one of the only remaing city gates of the inner city wall.

At "Viktualienmarkt" we  had the typical Munich breakfast  "white sausages", sweet mustard, a Pretzel  and of course a beer...

(I couldn`t manage to turn the pic) I just wanted to show how quick Lynda is adapting to local habits....

22.000 sqm and all kind of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, vine - even flours

Chanterelles - its season at the moment.

We went up the 299 narrow steps to the top of the tower of "Der Alte Peter" - the name means "Old Peter", one of Munich`s oldest churches.

On a clear day you can see the Alps - but it was still spectacular

Marienplatz with the famous Town Hall

the "Frauenkirche" on the left

Viktualienmarkt from high above...

The Glockenspiel - carillion - on the Town Hall.  The play starts at 11 am everyday.

Pedestrian area - 300 €/sqm rent, 13.500 pedestrians an hour - shopping, shopping, shopping....

rubbing the snout of the wild boar will bring you good luck....

Michaels church

in the crypt are the sarcophags of the "Wittelsbacher" familiy - here the remains of King Ludwig II - he built Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee. We will visit Neuschwanstein and Linderhof at the last riding day.

The devil`s foot print in the "Frauenkirche"

In the background the Hotel Bayerischer Hof - the biggest hotel in Europe until 1924 - Sisi of Austria, Muhamed Ali, Eisenhower just to name some and of course Michael Jackson were on the guest list. After Micheal Jacksons death the fans created a "memorial"

The memorial was erected by King Ludwig I - but of course not for Michael Jackson - King Ludwig erected it  for the very famous composer Orlando di Lasso

But the Jackson fans changed everything

Inside the 5 Höfe - 5 courts - highend shopping...

Viscardi gasse - the "shirker`s alley"

the "Feldherrnhalle" - no better picdture possible- sorry -  because they preparing a vine festival and everything is occupied

At the entrance of "Hofgarten", next to it Coffe Tambosi - the oldest one in Munich - the place has Italian flair.

Hofgarten with Theatiner Church in the background

A really royal garden...

Bavarian Government - Staatskanzlei

Maximilian street with all the designers ....

special offers at Fendi - what a pitty, we had the wrong credit card

World famous beer hall - the "Hofbräuhaus" - a good place to have lunch

these are the lockers for the beer steins of the regular guest - members of the "Stammtisch"

maybe a kingsize pretzel....

The beergarden of the "Hofbräuhaus"

That`s how most of the locals look like - he also yoddelled

We have to go back - welcome briefing starts - I hope you enjoyed it!!



Einen Kommentar hinzufügen Diesen Beitrag bewerten
Janine mussoline
Samstag, 23. August 2014 um 19:55

We are still talking about the trip. Need to get my self organized and get some pics posted! Missing everyone and we wish to do another trip in 5 years but see rick and Lynda planning 2 years (see if we can swing that). Also, not sure if anyone remembers what I said when saying bye, but I said nothing can be more awesome than this trip except going home and have our oldest tell us she is expecting - well guess what -WE ARE GONNA BE GRANDPARENTS!!!!!! We are so excited!!!
Lots of love to all!!!!
Ursula Peter
Samstag, 23. August 2014 um 22:04

Hi Janine,
what good news!!!! Next time no go-pro at all
Big hug
Peter Nomides
Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 um 00:58

What a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed the riding, our terrific guides and the great bunch of people I got to meet. I had a blast. Thanks so much for everything. I hope I get to do another one.
Freitag, 15. August 2014 um 09:16

Was a pleasure having you on the trip. I am sure we will meet somewhere. Let me know in case you are planning something.
Take care
David and Micky BLASK
Dienstag, 12. August 2014 um 02:12

We have spent every day since we got home telling friends, relatives, and pretty much anyone who will listen what a fabulous trip this was. I just went back to the Edelweiss website and rewatched the promo video. It really gives a good feel of what we experienced but doesn't capture the great friendships that developed along the way. We are starting to talk about planning another trip. Hopefully with many of the same folks! Thanks, Edelweiss!
Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 um 00:29

Come to Tuscany - best riding, food and culture ever!
I wait for you!!
Stay in touch
David and Micky BLASK
Freitag, 15. August 2014 um 02:41

Don't laugh....we are thinking of getting a used 1200RT. Missing the power and the size (I will buy a ladder to mount it, ha, ha) of that bike.
Freitag, 15. August 2014 um 09:14

Hi David, hi Micky,
before you make your decision David, testride the 1200 GS - just do it!
Regards from rainy and cold Germany
Lynda Godin
Montag, 11. August 2014 um 18:54

What a trip.... almost like being on another planet... Ursula and Jens, you are the best tour guides ever, and what would we have done without Daniel?... lugging our baggage in our rooms everyday... and the picnic lunches were super fabulous... The sights, the rides, the food, the hotels, but mostly the friendships that were started, went beyond my expectations... Thank you Edelweiss... already planning a trip in 2 years...(hopefully, with some of our newly found friends... never know....lol...)
PS: and the "walking tour of Munich" was totally worth it.... Ursula gave so much history about buildings and kings and such... so glad we did it.... thank you, Ursula....
Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 um 00:26

My pleasure, ehh!! Hope you arrived save and sound.
stay in touch
Miss you all
Lynne Morrison
Mittwoch, 6. August 2014 um 23:28

Having the time of our lives! We have the most awesome tour guides and van driver ever!!! We don't want our trip to ever end. Seeing amazing sights and making new friends. Already trying to figure out where we should go next time.
Donnerstag, 14. August 2014 um 00:25

so much praise!! You have been a fantastic group - so much fun you girls - no funsuckers, ehhh!!!
Stay in touch
a big hug
Mittwoch, 6. August 2014 um 21:24

A terrific blog Ursula! Seems that you have a great time
Wendy Neuhs
Sonntag, 3. August 2014 um 22:42

Looks just fabulous. I feel like I was there. Have a wonderful time. Love you.
Neal Wood
Samstag, 2. August 2014 um 22:41

These pictures does not give justice to what we have seen and what we got to see when riding.


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