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Buenos Aires for Christmas and New Year's!

Montag, 3. Januar 2011 | Werner Wachter | Die Welttour

After arriving by airplane from Spain in Buenos Aires we were flabbergasted. It is a gigantic town with its own culture, with its own sights and with its own society. Poor and rich are again very close together similar to Morocco. We waited for a full week for the motorcycles to arrive by airplane and finally, between Christmas and New Year’s we got them out of customs which was an exercise taking a full day.

Well, we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s both in Argentina and learnt a lot about the country during those two weeks. The start of the Dakar rally was a sight to see, it was interesting and there was about 300-400 starters from all around the world. We got to know somebody from Turkey who started on a KTM and this was very interesting to see: Individuals start and ride on this rally. Now we are eager to start down south in the direction of Ushuaia where we will see the ice, the glaciers, but before that we will ride through the pampas and see a lot of cattle along the way.



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Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011 um 09:25

Happy New Year!
Oh - I would like to be with you... it is cold and grey in good old Germany...
Are the 2 young girls drinking a part of your tour group???
Good luck on the way down!!!


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