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Best of Europe 1102 - it was beautiful!

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011 | Jens Ruprecht | Europa

Hello my friends out there,

just to let you know - the second BEST OF EUROPE 1102 is on the road!

This won´t be a detailed travelstory, but still we try to post some pictures along our trip. If you want to comment our pictures - it is really easy and your friends on tour will receive the messages - Have fun!!!

Here are some pictures from Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, then Heidelberg, Black forest into the Alsace Region(France)...

Welcome to Germany!!!

somewhere in Eichstätt... Shopping!

riding into Rothenburg - the medieval city!

along the road...

going to the West...

Here some pictures from Heidelberg:

on the famous "Alte Brücke", (Heidelberg castle in the back on the left)

is this the way to the "Black forest"???

Our lunchstop, the owner loves motorcycles!

Jensi´s private Parking...

in the black forest...

typical farm houses, here with solar power!

From the Black forest we went to the West, crossed the Rhine river and spend 2 nights in the beautiful village of Ribeauville.

The nice thing on our restdays is, you do what you want:

Ride or Rest - it is up to you...

the new Goldwing...

in Ribeauville

great place - and the riding around the area - have a look:

Our Tourguide "Conny", she is leading us through France!

just great, or???

And then some local food - Bon Appetit!

Yesterday we left France and rode again through the Black forest/Germany direct into Switzerland, where we spend a night close to the "Rheinfall" at Schaffhausen:

Tourguide Jens fighting with the map, after heavy rainfall in the Black Forest...

Look - that`s the "Rheinfall"

Welcome to Switzerland!

After a night in our hotel in Schaffhausen we continued along the lake of Constance to the so called "Säntis", a beautiful mountain in Switzerland.

Sunshine in the morning, not too bad, or?

along the lake...

going into the mountains...

traffic in switzerland...

cable car to Säntis Peak!

later we continued east - into Austria - it is beautiful toooooooo!

After another night in Austria, we are finally on our way back to Munich. Our last stop is a pretty well known castle - have a look:

"Castle Neuschwanstein"

Isn´t it nice???

After a wonderful week with a fantastic group we made it back to our base hotel in Erding. This trip showed us really some of  the "BEST OF EUROPE"

Thanks for a wonderful time!!!

Conny, Tobi and Jens



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Don and Anne-Marie
Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011 um 01:09

Anne-Marie and I were on the 1st tour in June 18 to 26th. Had a great time too! We are looking at the catalog to decide where to go next year! Looks like another great tour!
Helen and Eric
Freitag, 22. Juli 2011 um 18:09

The tour wraps up tonight, and it has been beyond awesome! In spite of the rainy weather most of the week, the sights have been fantastic, the roads a pure joy to ride, and the comraderie has been great. Not to mention the wonderful tour guides that Edelweiss has provided us! This has been the trip of a lifetime. Highly recommend it to all!
Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012 um 05:14

To be fair, FNM has played a few new songs (Caffeine, RV, The World is Yours, etc) back in the day beorfe they had put out the album they ended up on or in the case of The World is Yours, it never ended up on an album until after they'd split these are all possibilities for The Mystery Song and anything else that shows up on this next wave of shows also, I don't think the boys are beholden to a label at this point Oh, and in three days, even though it sucks that I won't be there, it's still awesome to know that FAITH NO MORE WILL BE PLAYING LIVE SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!
Freitag, 22. Juli 2011 um 08:37

Hi guys,
The tour looks just marvelous, I can't believe there is such beautiful spots in Europe that I haven't been to yet! I wish I could be there as well!
I wish you safe riding and may you all have a fantastic trip with Conny and Jens!
Greetings from Vienna,
Phyllis Anzalone
Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011 um 22:30

We are having a blast! What a great group and tour guides! Not to mention the riding and the food and spirits.
Phyllis and Jeff


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