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The Provence Bikers (SPT15046)

Samstag, 20. Juni 2015 | Manuel Marabese | Europa

Bienvenu a Monaco!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to ride through Europe again for a fabulous group of friends from Taiwan, guided by Manuel and Guido from Italy. Last year they did with us (Albert and Andreas) a special High Alps Tour and this time we will show them four very charming countries: we start the tour in Monaco, then we cruise southern France and the Maritime Alps, afterwards we cross the tiny Andorra and finally we end up in Spain, visiting Barcelona!

Let's start with some shots from our first day walking around Monaco.

Good morning view from the room

And here we are: arriving in style, of course, it's Monaco!

Short introduction about Monaco walking through the Rose Gardens

The famous Casinò de Montecarlo that made fortune and misfortune of many...

Modern architecture and palms, an omnipresent leit motive of this state.

In Monaco's harbour there are often several big cruise ships, but today there is only a superyacht from Seabourn, cool, so the city is not flooded with slow moving tourists!

A (almost) group picture: Wendy and her father are still missing though, they will land a bit later.

Magnificence and opulence, other two words that find place here.

On some roads motorcycles are not welcome here... This is the part of the Grand Prix Circuite leading to the Casinò. Nevermind, we can still walk on it...

There is a kind of lack of real estate space here...

An iconic statue for this Formula 1 town.

Finally a short rest to enjoy a quick bite while the rain cools down the day.

Last steep walk towards the Prince Palace in Monaco-Ville, the old town.

They really need to build more land here!

Guido and his big passion: he is in fact an ice cream master, preparing ice cream since the 80s!

And once again, Guido parked his (ugly black) car in front of my pretty navy blue boat...

Bon appetit! Italian restaurant tonight...

Manuel decided to try their Tiramisu, excellent...

And this is Guido's Pannacotta.. ops, already gone!



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