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Pyrenees Extreme 4PE1502

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015 | Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Day 1:

Perfect weather and beatuful scenery!! Passengers Mouse Albert and bear Mr Gisbert are always travelling with Gaby and Clive

Our "local Guide" Miguel (green leathers) was taking us to a local Motorbike Meeting Point along Mount Montserrat - he was totally happy to be allowed to guide us a few kms.

Rocks of Montserrat  - just impressive!  Looking to it from the distance one could believe it was stolen and transferred from the Dolomites....

Curves Curves Curves.... great roads and no trafffic:  Bikers Paradise.

Day 2:

Great place for Lunch: old city square of Ainsa. And the food was great too!

Again having the beatuful road and scenery just for us

Impressive: a Monastery carved into a huge rock!! What a work...

Day 3 Restday Ride:

Sean smiling: he obviously enjoys either the ride on the "forbidden" road or the view.

Coffe stop at a peaceful place.


Seafood with view to the altlantic ocean at the famous "La Concha Beach" in San Sebastian.

Day 4:


What a view! (Foz de Arbayun)
Gaby on her KTM Duke obviously having fun being chased uphill by Clive on his Super Tenere
What???? Where are we - in Tombouctou??

Day 5:


Mark and Catherine on the Col de Tourmalet
during his life this Butterfly was never so fast !
Shopping on the farmers Market in Arreau for our picknick
This Picknick was just great! Something special.
amazing: Streets can still get more narrow!
along the camino de santiago (Jakobsweg)


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