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Dolomites Touring Center comes to a close (DTC 1503)

Freitag, 11. September 2015 | Thomas Ritt | Europa

The last day of the Dolomites Touring Center saw us riding back to... well, the Dolomites, you guessed it. It started as a chilly, foggy day with wet roads and low clouds and fresh snow on the mountains. But it turned out to be a WOW-day!

Thanks for coming, guys! It was AWESOME to ride with you!

Kay and Mike at Karersee, a lake that is famous for the reflections of the surrounding mountains. Well, maybe next time. It was still a beautiful picture, even with the clouds.
Charles and Lucie, shopping for souvenirs
The church of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Lunch here was outstanding!
Mike and his Multi on Passo Giau, probably the most scenic pass in the Dolomites.
Val and Kay followed right behind
And here are Lucie and Charles and a stranger who needs to be photoshopped out.
Val does EVERYTHING to get the perfect angle!
A thorn between two roses...
We witnessed a commercial being filmed, for the latest Mercedes sports coupe.
Once again: the scenery was AWESOME!!!
Lucie and Charles on the ferry across Lago di Garda. It must be love.....

Day 3 in the Dolomites. To sum it up this full day of more than 300 km was all about curves, views and apple plantations. And screaming Ducati engines...

Spectacular view of the Dolomites. They're behind the clouds...
La Ruta da la Muerte. No wait, it's Passo di Mendola!
With a view like that it's hard to focus on your Cappuccino...
Our lunch place. We had some local specialties of course!
Morning view from Penserjoch pass. Another beautiful day, but what you can't see on the picture is the temperature: 6°C/42°F!
On the way to Timmelsjoch, where we were going to take a picture at the Austrian border. Didn't happen...
Val and Kay with the Ötztal glacier as a backdrop
Lucie and Charles navigating around the hairpin turn
What an awesome spot! Awesome, yeah, that's the word!!!
Lebenberg castle is 800 years old and very well preserved. Apples and tourists are the moneymakers in South Tyrol, so this picture says it all...
Yes, Charles, you can taste one. But make sure you don't get cought stealing...

Three couples from the US and Canada came to South Tyrol to enjoy outstanding natural beauty and ride some of the best motorcycle roads this planet has to offer. From our beautiful base hotel in Klobenstein, just north of Bozen/Bolzano, we went to the heart of the Dolomites today, did the "Sella Ronda", had Pizza in Arabba, took the funicular to Sass Pordoi and rode our bikes through countless hairpin turns.

Tour guide Thomas with his group of 6: Mike &Marci, Val &Kay, and Lucie & Charles
View from our Hotel in Klobenstein
By funicular it only takes 5 mins to reach the peak of Sass Pordoi
Kay, Marci and Val, enjoying the amazing view
Incredible view from the top of Sass Pordoi. The 17 € for the gondola were well spent!
Typical Tyrolean house, with a typical Dolomite rock as a backdrop


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Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015 um 16:49

Wanted to encourage more riders to take the Dolomite Touring Center excursion. Have to admit I was apprehensive going on a motorcycle tour. Val has ridden since he was a child, I have never shared his interest. When Val and Mike decided to book the tour, it was either kiss him good bye or go with. I chose to go with, and have to say it was the right decision. Thomas, the tour guide, was fantastic. Every morning, we would meet and go over the details of the day. Once on back of the bike, it was easy after figuring our how to lean into the turns. The scenery was breathtaking, the hotel comfortable, outstanding restaurants. For a first timer like me, this was the best choice to make. Didn't have to change hotels each night, took a lot of the stress away and made the trip more enjoyable. Definitely a learning curve involved, will be better prepared next time as far as packing goes.
If you are thinking about a tour, I would highly recommend this one. If you are a lucky rider, Thomas will be your guide!
Montag, 19. Oktober 2015 um 14:46

Thanks Kay, I think you just made me blush....
I'm glad you enjoyed your week in the mountains, I did too. Hope to see you guys again on another tour.
Mike & Marci
Samstag, 12. September 2015 um 20:35

1st trip with Edelweiss with our friends Val & Kay and our new friends Charles & Lucie. The views and lunches were outstanding. The best was the riding through Dolomites with the switch backs and view of the mountains. Even the thorn between two roses had a great time. Thumbs up to our guide Thomas Ritt for an outstanding job.


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