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Alps Touring Center Special! SPT15094

Mittwoch, 30. September 2015 | Peter Rollmann / Jens Ruprecht | Europa

And on the top... the best Bratwurst worldwide!



Stelvio - we love you!!!

Listen, Bikers out there... this experience ist a must have! Especially with this kind of weather and nearly no traffic at then end of September!!!

More pictures follow...

Day 3 - Loop over Passo Stelvio

Starting the day on the freezing point we were happy to have summer temperature in the tunnel on our highway transfer to the Italian border. Cross it via Reschenpass and and late summer come back.

A mostly free pass road up to Stelvio, when the sky is blue all over... Never seen that before!!

Go on through Switzerland SLOW!! but wonderful landscape and transfer back to Seefeld.


So guys out there... tomorrow day 3 - Stelvio is waiting!

Bmws on the road... going up the Silvretta!

Pretty cold today.... around 2-10 degrees...brrrrhhhh!!!


But the best roads!

Day 2  -Loop over Hahntennjoch, Lech and Silvretta High Alpine Road

And after about 1000 turns we had a last Coffee in beautiful Sterzing(Italy)

Actually Seefeld is the perfect location to explore a great part of the Alps! Surrounded by wonderful Roads, daytrip into Germany, Italy, and even Switzerland are possible.

Hello Bikers out there,

We - that means the fabulous "Team Canada" is on the road!


We created a Special Touring Center around Seefeld/Tyrol; 5 days of wonderful riding including 1 overnight in the town of Lienz.

Day 1 - Loop over the Timmelsjoch






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Joanne McLeod
Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015 um 15:14

Great pics, looks like fun on that long and winding road….might be cool to do it on a skateboard….NOT.
Have fun,


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