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Andalusia Tour ATS1601

Sonntag, 17. April 2016 | Marko Bauer / Claudia Wenhart | Europa

And finally Sunday noon the "Truck" is ready for it's way to our homebase in Mieming, where the bikes were maintained for their next trip anywhere around the world

Thanks everybody for a great tour in Andalusia! And see you soon.

Our last riding day brought us back from Ronda to Malaga. The weather unfortenately was not so good, but at the coast we finally got sunshine. Another picnic was on the plan today, before getting the last curves down to Marbella and back to Malaga.

Watching the Spanish motorcyling racer on their home track .... Speed Limit ??? What is that?
Margot and Dana enjoying the picnic
Jolanta and Bill
Arndt and Hans-Peter
Another yummy picnic
Allan, Arndt and Hendrik
Main square in Ronda
Puente Nuevo in Ronda

Restday in Ronda, but no time for a rest. The weather is perfect and we started on another beautiful route through the backcountry of Ronda. We all enjoyed our loop on small roads through cork oak trees without any traffic.

First foto stop
Charley loves his Ducati
Bill and Marko having fun
Jolanta always in the back of Bill and enjoying the landscape
Austrian number plates in the middle of nowhere in Andalusia
Lunchstop with great food in Puerto de Galis
Another stop in Grazalema, a typical small "White" town

We woke up to a wonderful blue sky -  perfect for the day that was ahead of us! Wonderful small backroads took us deep into Andalusia. And when the mountains finally retreated, we could see the Atlantic Ocean and the Costa de la Luz. We found a great restaurant for lunch, right on the beach. With full stomachs we continued to the southernmost tip of Europe: Tarifa.

After another fotostop near Gibraltar, we were ready for the main ingredient of every motorcycle tour in southern Spain: curves, curves, and then a few more curves! The road up to Ronda is definitely one of the most beautiful roads in the world!


Allan, waiting for lunch at the Atlantic Ocean
Bill is having a good time
The group - pretty close to Africa!
After Dinner an amazing atmosphere direct in front of the Hotel.
Beautifull landscape around Arcos
Small and tight little "streets" trough Arcos de la Frontera

Today was our third riding day from Antequerra to Arcos de la Frontera. A lot of the "White towns of Andalusia" were located on our way. Our first stop-Torcal de Antequerra. A spectacular limestone rock formation.

Garganta del Chorro was the neckt stop on our route. It's famous for the dangerous bridge called Caminito deal Rey - King's little pathway

Morning coffee stop at a water reservoir

Lunchtime in Setenil de la Bodegas, where some houses were built into the rock walls of the gorge. We stayed in one of these houses in a Tapas bar.

Our group tasting different tapas

What a great and exciting day. In the morning we got a guided tour in the Alhambra - a must see in Andalucia.

Then heading on to Sierra Nevada - afterwards a nice but sadly to cold picnic stop - and with a little rain in the afternoon we all arrived safe in Antequera, our stop for tonight.

... Selfies are always fun
Hendrik, Arndt and Dana
The group at the Alhambra!
Sierra Nevada
Yes, this is Spain - and Arndt, Hendrik and Allan!
Yummy picnic in the mountains
Alllan is testing the aperitif
... Mystic atmosphere
The mandatory coffee stop...
Great roads in the upcountry of Costa del Sol
Fishsoup... delicious
Yummy.... Hendrik with his big fresh salad
Lunchtime... what a great spot
... our "Honneymooners" Margot and Dana
Allan and Charly enjoying the good view

On our first riding day we started from Malaga into the "Montes de Malaga" where we had a beautifull view over Malaga. Perfect weather (looks like rain, but NO), not to cold and curvy roads brought us to our first coffee stop.

Our first coffee stop, Hans-Peter, Dana, Jolanta, Allan, Arndt, Charly and Hendrik having fun

Andalusia, here we come! We, that is 11 riders from all around the world, are getting ready to explore the south of Spain on motorcycles! A little briefing, the bike handover - and then we are ready to go!

A good day to start a tour!
Some of the bikes, waiting for their riders!


Einen Kommentar hinzufügen Diesen Beitrag bewerten
Montag, 18. April 2016 um 04:25

Hi Claudia,
Great pictures and group too.
Its nice to see you and Charlie again.
Take care.
Hope to travel with Edelweiss again,
Best regards,
Michelle Irvine
Samstag, 16. April 2016 um 00:44

Hi Charlie and Claudia,
It's great to see you both again! Looks like an amazing trip!
Have a wonderful time! Hope to see you both in the near future!!
Sonntag, 17. April 2016 um 13:46

Hello Michelle,
nice to hear from you. Yes we all had a good trip through Andalusia. The weather was ok but not so sunny. Hope to see you on a tour again soon.
Kind regards and have a good time.
Manuel Marabese
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016 um 23:21

Oh...Claudia's picnic are always awesome!!
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016 um 00:13

Hey... i think i would spot that Tuareg jacket with all the patches on from miles away. Is that mister Allan from Adriatic Rollercoaster I see?

Welcome back on your next Edelweiss tour Allan. Great to see you've picked another one down south by the sea. And I'm sure you're in great company with Marko and Claudia down there.

Have a wonderful ride!
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016 um 18:20

Hi Wim. Having a great time. You still have a clean record??? Giving the Rt the usual hard time. Off on the scily to Rome in 3weeks.
Claudia Wenhart
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016 um 13:15

Hey Wim,
nice to hear from you. Yes Allan is with us, and we have a lot of fun.
Have a good day
Ursula Peter
Mittwoch, 13. April 2016 um 07:03

Yummy picnic- but again no splashing melon for our paparazzi
Have a nice day
Mittwoch, 13. April 2016 um 20:11

Picnic was still STUNNING by the way!!!
Claudia Wenhart
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016 um 13:13

Thanks for the compliments
Mittwoch, 13. April 2016 um 20:10

Again no melon. Actually there was one, but it was frozen. I guess I have to prepare this video sequence myself. Or just show up at one of your Tuscany picnics...


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