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Mediterranean Alps Extreme 4SA1602

Samstag, 28. Mai 2016 | Pablo Piferrer / Michael Göbel | Europa

Day Seven (Finale - Saint Paul de Vence)

Our last riding day has arrived, and with home on our rider's heads, we take it calmly to thinnk of the experience of the week. We drive safe and enjoy the beautiful views before we enjoy one last dinner together.


All that is left to say is, thank you for having made it so enjoyable, and we look forward to riding with you guys again.

Very early after breakfast, Vladimir left us to go back home.
TG Pablo's tour bike all covered from the puddles the day before on the "road" up to the Genova view point
On our way to the first coffee stop
Our very kind waitres in Zucarello coffe stop. What an amazing coffee!
From here the road became ... interesting... untill lunch
What a view, ey!
TG Pablo taking a "selfie" with the guys behind just before the Lunch stop. In order, Steve, Louis and Marinus right at the end there
From "la Tete de Chien" rock we can see on one side Monaco...
... and on the other, Nice! Alost home!
End of the tour back in Saint Paul de Vence and as you can see, that is some hard beating these tyres got, Aidan's Xplorer was worked very hard, good job!

Day Six (Rapallo - Finale)

A beautiful day arises after the storm we had. The roads are clean from the rain and dry from the beautiful sunny morning. We drive back into the mountains towards Genova and over mountain after mountain back down to the beach, about 4000 turns for the day!

Getting ready to leave, not a cloud in the sky...
Aidan's Xplorer is set
As we leave rapallo and take the little roads up towards Genova we come to a nice view of Rapallo from a distance
Tod and TG Pablotaking a quick selfie"
Guys getting ready to go up the "road" to the antenas to see the views
That's the road... puddles from the rain made it more interesting
On one side, the sea...
... and on the other, Genova
At the coffee stop there was an interesting plaque for the riders
TG Pablo enjoying the view
Group picture at the lunch stop. A very cool cabin up in a mountain.
Quick stop in this little forest as, with every live show, anything can happen, and this time, it was a battery problem. The TG fixed it and the show went on!
A beautiful church half way through a very tight single lane road, hard to find unless you are really looking off the beaten track. And only 10 miles fro Finale!
At dinner, we bid farewell to Vladimir, we hope you enjoyed it!

Day Five (Rapallo rest day)

Second rest day, and the day rises raining very heavily, luckily, it is our rest day, so it catches us in a two nighter in the same hotel. Some went for a ride, others took a train and others decided to take it as a bit of a chill day.

There's more than one way to spend a rest day!
The streets of te little towns of Cinque Terre
During the afternoon the skyes cleared a fair bit
Any time is good for a Rum and Raisins ce cream!
Portofino Port
Almost ready for dinner. Marinus and Louis.

These guys had TG Pablo running like a Gazele on their 1200GS and S1000Xr respectively!

Day Four (Vicoforte - Rapallo)

Another day starts in Paradise, and even though it was a really tough day due to a closed pass, everybody had a smile on their face waiting for the beautiful roads we had lined up for the day. A lot of single lanes with orchards and vineyards, that bring memories of Tuscany.

The sun graces our skin, warm and soft, as we eagerly prepare ourselves.

A quick group picture before we hit the road!
Look at that beautiful Multistrada in front of the Sanctuary
Overlooking the scenery
A coffe stop before lunch
Mark, Patrick and Ted. Three excellent riders and even better people.
A well deserved rest after a couple hundred turns!!

Day Three (Valberg - Vicoforte)

The day rises sunny and the fresh mountain air welcomes the riders to a new day. A long day ahead of us with the Col de Turini as one of the main highlights.

Even though we expected a bit of rain,we got very little so we were able to enjoy the whole day wearing sun glasses!


Within the first 10 minutes of leaving the hotel, we come across our first beautiful section, challenging enough to get a good warm up!
After coffe, and on our way to Col de Turini
All these beautiful bikes on these beautiful roads
TG Michael and TG Pablo finding out the best way to get to our next stop. The pass was closed for works before we arrived!!
We are ready to go again.
Half of the group decided to do a slight detour
Overlooking the valley during the detour
The beautiful dome of The sanctuary
Dinner at the convent in Vicoforte in the "Pope's room"

Day Two (Valberg Rest Day)

Well, day two starts with beautiful sunshine, as it is a rest day, we have a lot of choices ahead of us. We have two amazing routes prepared, both with the posibility of visiting the town of Entreveux and the motorcycle museum.

Early morning canyons.... all for us!
Beautiful square in Entreveaux
Tim and Michele walking towards the only two signed places, the cathedral..... and the motorcycle museum!
Very simple cathedral
And an amazing museum packed with jewels
Tim giving us some very interesting points about the Rex while next to a a 1909 Harly Davidson
This is a "wide" bride!!!
After some hard ring...
.... we must "refuel"
The human highlighter on a very narrow brige just before Dalui
Michele taking a perfect switchback, pefrfectly!!
Excellent picture of the Museum, courtesy of Aidan
These guys did the longer tour finishing in the museum

Day One (Saint Paul de Vence - Valberg)

Bienvenus en France!! To Nice to be more precise. Flowers are blooming and the air is fresh, seems to invite to .... ride!!

We have 8 days of Extreme riding through the Mediterranean Alps ahead of us packed with turns of all types, great food and amazing scenery. Stay tuned!

This is the amazing BMW 1000XR with the beautiful Saint Paul de Vence in the background. A town, where it seems like time has barely passed.
All our participants are listening attentively to TG Michael for the welcome briefing
And early next day, almost ready to leave, just brushing up on routes and a morning safety briefing!
The beautiful view of the waterfalls at the Gorge des Loups
The river Verdon
At the first viewing point, the guys are taking some time to enjoy the views
As we cross the sides of the canyon over the bridge, we come a cross.....
..... people bungee jumping!!
That's the colour of the water from the artificial lake "Lac de Saint - Croix". So beautiful.
Michele on the 650GS enjoying the Canyon
Through the detour on our way to Lunch, there is an amazing view of the Canyon de Verdon. It will leave you speechless.
Lunch at "Chalet de la Maline"
Tim on his 1200RT passing by on the last Canyon of the day, the Gorge de Daluis, with it's amazing red rock


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jeff kagey
Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016 um 20:57

halo micheal ..... this looks outstanding ... am looking forward to meeting you as well as my bear gang in meiming this sept to do this tour .... i will have many faces joining that you already know ... bisbald jeff
Ramona & Dirk
Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016 um 20:31

Hi Michael,

it looks as if you, Pablo and your clients have a great time in the Med Alps!

We are scouting this tour while looking forward to our J-Bear-Tour in September.

Can't await to ride again with you.

Cheers, Ramona & Dirk

Angela de Haan
Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016 um 12:48

Heya Pablo and Michael,

Great pictures!! I recognise some familiar faces You seem to have a great time down there in Southern France This is one of my favourite areas in Europe, awesome riding!!!
And St. Paul de Vence is really a place!

Have a great tour!

Bonjour & Buenos dias from Arequipa, Peru,
Pablo Piferrer
Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016 um 13:55

Heya Angela!!

Thank you very much. You too!!

Buen tour!!

Stephan Weckschmied
Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016 um 08:46

Awesome riding pictures. Keep it up!
Pablo Piferrer
Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016 um 13:56

Thanks buddy!


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