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First High Alpine Tour 2016

Freitag, 3. Juni 2016 | Björn | Europa

Riding Day 6 - Warth to Schwaig

The last few days have flown by so fast and our last riding day already begins. We leave Warth through the Lech valley and take a short detour to enjoy the nice roads of the "nameless valley". We visit the most popular castle of king Ludwig II., Neuschwanstein, and have our lunch at Plansee. This time our lunch is a picknick an we all enjoy the austrian meat loaf. After a long ride through the bavarian countryside we arrive back at the hotel. What a wonderfull tour!

Picknick time

Riding Day 5 - Pontresina to Warth

Our fifth riding day predicted a lot of rain. But we got lucky an until lunch we stayed dry. Tom and Jason went out on their own to discover Julier and Albula pass road. Everyone else went with Gottfried over the Flüela pass road, into Lichtenstein and to the lunch stop in Laterns. Unfortunately the Furkajoch was still closed so we had to take a little detour to our hotel in Warth. When we arrived it was raining hard and so we were curious to check out the just opened SPA area in the hotel Jägeralpe.


Pontresina in the morning
Laura and Ricardo ready for takeoff
Jimmy waiting for the start

Riding Day 4 - Bozen to Pontresina

As the rest day was covered in rain the group decided to go back to the hotel after a short ride up the "Mendelpass". Unfortunately the rain continued on riding day 4 as we made our way to Glurns. Despite the bad weather we went up the Stelvio Pass road to have a delicious sausage with saurkraut at the top. We continued to Livigno and as a landslide blocked the Bernina pass road we had to leave Livigno on the other side through a small tunnel. At the end of the day everybody was happy to arrive at the hotel in Pontresina.

The small town of Glurns
Look up to Stelvio pass road
Mark and William
Jason building a snowman
The group on top of Stelvio pass road
Laura and Ricardo

Riding Day 2 - Lienz to Bozen

On our second riding day we started in Lienz and crossed the border into Italy after a few kilometers. After passing through Toblach we entered the small mountain roads of the Dolomites. First coffee stop was a lake Misurina before we continued to Cortina. We took the Falzarego pass road and went up mount Lagazuoi by cable car. After having lunch at a typical italian restaurant we continued over Gardena pass road and reached our destination Bozen in the afternoon. Half of the group decided to extend the ride and went for the Penserjoch. It was a pefect riding day.

Tom on his RT ready to go
Leaving the hotel in Lienz
Group picture at the border
Kerstin and John on top of mount Lagazuoi
Tom enjoying his very large Calzone

Riding Day 1 - Schwaig to Lienz

The first High Alpine Tour of 2016 started in the tiny town of Schwaig, which lies next to the Munich Airport. Our group of 12 bikes went out through the beautiful bavarian countryside. In the morning the weather was already very hot as we made our way to Prien at the Chiemsee.

Beautiful Chiemsee with the ferry going over to the Herreninsel
Our destination, the Alps, in the background.
Jimmy at the lakefront

After the stop at Chiemsee we continued southwards and crossed the border into Austria. The roads became more winding and the traffic eased up. We had lunch at the "Pillersee" lake and got tables directly at the lake. Our first Schnitzls were also very tasty

Our lunch stop Seerestaurant "Blattl"
Car park filled with bikes

As the temperatures rose with every kilometer we got further south, we were really looking forward to gain some altitude on the Großglockner High Alpine Road. On the ride up we encountered the first switchback turns - a good warm up for the following days.

After we went down on the other side of the Großglockner High Alpine Road, we continued to Lienz and barely arrived at the hotel before it started raining.

Our first day was a perfect start for this trip and we are all looking forward to the next days...



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Stephan Weckschmied
Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016 um 11:57

Hi Cecil! We really appreciate your message and your review on this tour. I posted your review on the tour page where it will be easier to find for other riders. Hope that is ok for you. You can find the review here:


If you would like to have a picture next to the review please send this to stephan.weckschmied@edelweissbike.com and I will add this asap. Thanks again. Ride safe!

Best, stephan
Cecil "Weedy" Johnson
Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016 um 02:50

I don't know if this is the best place to leave a glowing review, but it's the first I have found. My sons and I were on this ride, and all I can say is that it was a magical experience. Simply riding a motorcycle in that environment alone would be spectacular. Add to it the excellent guiding, the beautiful stops,the luggage that magically was in your hotel room each night before we were, the food, the drink, the other riders, and the beautiful hotels and cities where we stayed, and you have a truly divine experience. Gottfried and Bjorn (I can't find the umlaut on my keyboard!) were excellent at the herding of cats as it were, as well as providing valuable suggestions about things from riding to night time entertainment. I cannot thank Edelweiss enough for providing such a great experience.
I would also like to say that the experience of booking, and the communications prior to the trip were also quite pleasant and cheerfully executed by Viktoria. She was always so sweet and helpful.
One thing that I did, and am SO glad that I did, was to equip myself and my sons with helmet communicators. If you travel with a friend, definitely do that. You will see so many things that you want to "ooh and ahhh" over, and it's fun to share the experience. It was also nice to get a heads up about the truck coming around the mountain turn!
Thank you again to Edelweiss, Bjorn, Gottfried, And Viktoria.
If anyone has questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at clj3rd@bellsouth,net


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